Fall 2016- when the Streets are alive

Fall is the period when the hot temperature comes into the cool zone. The rich cherry trees set the mood towards wearing cherry red attires. The autumn foliage is a splendor to behold as seen in the women’s choice of clothing. Mid skirts in various colors of indigo and deep blue are comfortable to wear in the beginning of fall. Denim jumpsuits with back slits are comfortable and stylish to face the slight chilly climate.


What’s new this Fall?
Trendy T-shirts coming in bright horizontal stripes of olive green against a white background or with a splash of design randomly spread are a cool choice, making one ready to face the world. Mesh tops in black and brown are light and comfortable during the first days of autumn while mesh sweaters that come in cream or ebony are cozy and comfortable in the cold.

Patterns- they are everywhere:
Printed shirts with streaks of white against a peach background give a relaxed posture as do sleeveless poplin tops. Satin jogger pants and waist pants that come in linen paper bag are a good choice that is both, stylish and comfortable. Short trench blazers in light cream shades are eye catchers while the utility jackets are light and comfortable. A Star scarf with navy blue stars studded against a white background is a delightful accessory to any dress along with a straw tote hand bag in horizontal stripes of brown and white.

Accessories- it’s the new in thing:
The Fashion Week is all set to experience the victory of precious stones over everything else. Pantone suggests “soft and cool neutral” colors in gemstones for Spring 2016. Accessories that feature delicate emerald stones inset in delicate bands of platinum and gold are picture perfect. Add a little color to your outfit with colored stones like aquamarine and tourmaline. Dress to every mood with Ruby and Sapphire stones to match cherry and maple.


Patterns- they are everywhere:
With brown trees beginning to stand out, thanks to the lack of green leaves, brown has also taken over the streets of fashion. Everywhere you look, get ready to be spell-bound by brown and beige shades everywhere this Fall 2016.

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Ruby beads sale at online wholesale store is the best buy

If you love 70s dressing retro fashion is for you. Beads are the most convincing style for fad young lady. Colored gemstone beads like ruby are used to blend memoires with modern up market essence of color palette. Dazzling ruby gemstone beads are mostly Petite cut or cabochon cut.

Ruby beads are presentable in any shape, size and finish. Pomegranate red smooth oval ruby rondelle strands as a necklace to recreate the period charm. Faceted ruby, drops, rondelle, carvings and unique shapes like fan and pear briolette possess the finesse that catches every eye. Online Ruby beads sale at much lower price than what we find in local jewelry store. Moderate to high price depends on size and origin of gem. Beacab offer huge range of high quality ruby beads with unbeatable prices to our customers.

red ruby drop necklace

red ruby drop necklace

Ruby is a natural gem which is a symbol of love and warmth. It may be fascinating in any shade, both raw or heat treated. Intense red known as pigeon blood color from Mogok is the most cherished one while darker purplish African ruby and deep red or maroon also has many appreciators. My aesthetic sense draws me towards pinkish raspberry red precious gem beads.

Beads are more than merely a bit of jewelry but are a tradition that is crafted, worn and passed on from generations. Inimitable charm and beauty of gemstone beads are historic. The fascinating history of these wonderful little beads comes out of sands and now fantasizing teenage fashion. Be it a classic necklace or bracelet ruby amp up the emotions.

Faceted ruby beads spell with warmth vitality and playfulness

Leadership, passion, fire, vitality, warmth and love in brilliant red colored rubies are precious. Faceted ruby beads come in many classic and modern shapes which can be pooled with gold or platinum embraced gemstones or diamonds for an amazing design. Wonderful luster and fine cut and finish ruby gemstone beads are available in the following shapes:

Round – Clean line of lovely rich pinkish-red colored round faceted ruby beads forms a classy necklace or ideally accentuates the grace of delicate wrist with beaded bracelet. This classic perfect globular shape is most popular.

Tear drop – Faceted ruby drops that are elongated tear drop shape make exceptional drops and dangles. The tip bears a hole running vertically through the bead.

Pear – Faceted pears have symmetrical facets, moderate depth, broad semi-circular base and narrow pointed tip. Soft medium raspberry red polished pear beads of mixed sizes display unique character. Hole runs horizontally through the bead.

Rondelle – Ruby rondelle are faceted squeezed round beads, flattened top and bottom with the hole running vertically through the bead. The size may be as small as 2mm. Rondelle may be used as separators or extension in necklace. Precision cut blood red micro Faceted ruby rondelle accent beads give distinct glitter that adds charm to any design.

Fan Shape – Brilliant faceted ruby fan shape beads is exclusive. This symmetrical shape is crafted by superior cuts giving the bead two dimensions.

I suggest using the above amazing shapes of great quality found in online stores to add playfulness in handcrafted jewelry. Ruby’s unsurpassed magic is passed in these faceted ruby beads.

Mogok ruby beads escort high markup in fervor and style

“Best things come in small packet” — see every where around and nature gives you several examples. Unlike big precious gems bright adolescent small beads are light weighed fashionable chunks. Till I thought of acrylic, glass and resin beads I thought they are “Cheap” but mere a sight of exclusive Burmese ruby beads changed my perception completely. Bright red color of these stirs powerful emotions in any heart. Yes, beads are “Cheap” but in the price markup only! A gem may be 3-10 times costlier than the bead price.

Finest rubies are mined from Mogok mines in Burma (now Mynamar) since 600 CE. Burma ruby is looked upon for the brightest, most intense blood red color with a hint of blue known as “pigeon blood”. Unlike diamonds, clarity is the secondary factor than color to determine ruby’s value. Flawless sensation created by Burma ruby beads is magnificent which can wake up the jewelry designer in you.

Natural History Museum Corundum (White Marble With Ruby) Burma

Natural History Museum Corundum (White Marble With Ruby) Burma

Online gemstone wholesaler Beacab has one of the largest inventories of gemstone beads from Jaipur gemstone market including the natural authentic Burmese ruby beads, Zambian emerald beads and sapphire beads. High quality, best prices and fair trade together put in trust among customers.

Rare fine cut Burma ruby beads have the captivating color and shine that accent the appeal of fine jewelry. International designer jewelry brands like Christie have used the allure of ruby beads in statement pieces. A cheerful mix of diamonds and ruby beads from legendary Mogok mine is full of vim and vigor.

The stunning and classic look of the Diamonds is the ultimate price

Yellow Diamonds, the mild and pleasant looking stone work. This most special gemstone helps you to make more yourself more interesting and colorful with the gemstone. This one line Yellow faceted Diamond beads with 42 carat is the best Diamond Jewel you can opt to buy. The special feature of this Yellow Diamond is that it can be used for all the events, it look simple and also sometimes a grand look that suits the people from all sources. The color of this gemstone is an advantage of this; the mild color can give a soothing finish. Check out the entire recent product from our website.
1 Line Yellow Diamond Faceted Beads 19.42 Cts

1 Line Yellow Diamond Faceted Beads 19.42 Cts

Choose these ultimate pieces of Diamonds to grace your grand occasion

One of the best available Diamond stones are the yellow Diamond stone which not give a shining and glowing look but also maintains a high level of prestige and recognition to the person who wears it. This is embedded with beautiful gold or silver coating to form a more glowing finish. The cut work in this Diamond stone makes it more adaptable and stunning with the overall appearance. This Yellow Diamond can be used for all the occasions such as marriage and other event and festivals. It gives a bright and attractive look. Select this ornament from our store. Also check out our newest products from our website.


1 Line Yellow Diamond Faceted Beads

1 Line Yellow Diamond Faceted Beads

Creative Gems that project and flaunt

Color and pattern in beautiful shapes are found Gemstone beads. High quality beads come in unique patterns. The mysterious look of cat’s eye is an irresistible call and a work of creativity that is a real creation of art. Special jewelry of the Brazilian agate in rectangular shapes set a trendy look on a bracelet. Small red aventurine beads clasped closely together or the blue-green azurite is indeed a sight to behold. The bright blue lace Agate is indeed a pleasure to wear as jewelry and the blue apatite comes in close competition.

Gemstone Beads

Gemstone Beads

Beauty created

Creativity is the master of all designs. Creativity can highlight more than the 130 different types of minerals, crystals and stones into different trinkets to adorn the neck and wrist of a person. Gemstones like rose quartz, agate, jade and turquoise are fashioned as beads and enhance the long neck against the bright attire giving it a glamour that has to be seen to be admired. Crystals come in many shapes and colors. It requires a creative mind to flaunt the beauty and design to showcase these gemstone jewelry in their natural splendor.

The soft and the hard in display

Gemstones of the soft minerals are lustrous and increase the feminine look giving them natural beauty and elegance. Gemstone jewelry in ruby, sapphire and jasper made as bead strands with matching pendants, give a most striking and sleek look that suits any occasion. Gemstone chips and gemstone beads in unique oval shapes, give a rugged beauty to this semiprecious collection.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry

A creative collection is indeed a collector’s delight and to flaunt these gemstones with their sparkling color stuns the crowd. Nature is always creative and when man uses this creation and adds to the hue and combines it, the outcome is something to be added. It is the way it is projected and displayed, carried with elegance and charm, is a delight to behold.

Lustrous and Fashionably Green

Red carpet events, gorgeous dresses, famous personalities are special events where everyone dresses to kill. Figure flaunting dresses require the emerald finish to set everyone green with envy. Emeralds come in lush green colors, like the rich pastures or the gardens filled with nature’s creations.

Fashion enhanced
Emerald stones, highlighted with sleeveless dresses, draw the eyes of the people in the neighborhood, anytime, anywhere and on any occasion. A matching clutch and silver heels capture the attention of those in the vicinity, to the Emeralds flashing from the pendants and the string stung around the delicate neck.

Emerald on display
The sense of style steals the spotlight as it surrounds the Emerald clasp and the Emerald stone set in the pendant, ring and bracelet set of women. The Emerald topaz set in sterling silver that adorns the finger gives a classy look to the person, especially when it is worn with green attire. The round Emerald designed in the flower necklace pendant is a beauty by itself which shows the simple cut of the dress and adds beauty just by its presence around the neck along with a matching drop pendant. The eardrop dangles delicately to the movement of the face and is admired for its simple beauty.

Green in nature
Emerald stones, with their enriching color, enhance nature at its best and gives joy to the one adorning it. It is the symbol of spring. It enriches every season and heralds harmony within oneself and the surrounding. Fashion is reflected through simple designs as well as extravagant flaunt of luxury. The green emerald is a stone that shines through all seasons and times, through the highs and the lows, through its bracelets, pendants, solitaire rings, medallion pendants, birthstones and necklaces. Emerald lives evergreen and ever-fashionable.

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The Royal Classic Image of White Diamond

Not all color diamonds are mightier than the classic white diamond! The flawless sparkle has ever startled eyes. Bigger the Better is the new key. Women love their stone clear and bigger. Jewelry set with natural mined diamond in yellow or white gold settles attractive look. It is highly priced but this hardly matters in front of allure of diamond. The sanctified purity of them is highlighted in the company of colored stones. Most popular are Emerald-Diamond; Blue Sapphire-Diamond; and Ruby-Diamond. Most expensive necklaces in the world are any of the three combinations.

Necklace is the smartest jewelry piece that women are madly in love with. An expensive ruby and white diamond necklace is more than a statement. Heart of the Kingdom Ruby necklace from the house of Garrard worth $14 million tops the list. The opulent centre 40.63 carat Burmese Ruby is spanked by 155-carat white diamonds.

Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace

Sparkling chandelier earrings are girl’s favorite. White diamonds set in cascading waterfall pattern combines brilliance and elegance that can hypnotize on-lookers. Team it with Indian ethnic wear and you can have the unmatchable glitter set to your feminine character. While swinging long chandeliers are for festive occasions, diamond secured in bezel setting makes simplest studs, perfect accessory to compliment office dress.

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

From the Duchess of Cambridge to Nizams of Hyderabad, India, white diamond mimic exclusive approach. Rings featuring diamonds are first choice for Engagement rings and Wedding bands. The fire inside diamond comes out in the form of shine, the clearer the stone, more is the brilliance. Sometimes, inclusion in it reduces the transparency. In this case it is treated with several enhancement processes which improve color and clarity of diamond.

Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Bracelet

A single large diamond set in silver brooch may be a treasured gift for your man. So, white diamond is a versatile jewel that has drawn both men and women to their charm.

Stack the Looks by Creating Playful Patterns

Jewelry has always been an essential aspect of enhancing the overall appeal. It is an epitome of fashion and exquisite taste of sophistication. Walking along with the trend is essential to look smart, which mandates for selecting excellent piece of jewelry that goes well with every dress form. Moreover, in the present world, looks matter the most as people are judged on that basis. Considering this, gemstones have started playing an integral part in augmenting the charm of a lady’s look. There are numerous gemstones adorning the fashionable jewelry that looks gorgeous enough to stack the grace.

Ruby, emerald, tanzanite, aquamarine, sapphire and tourmaline are some of the stones that look simply majestic at getting fit into a variety of jewelry art pieces. Gemstone beads too make excellent choice for a refined look. Check out the earrings made from them, which appeals to the senses. What makes them so demanding is their design that exhibits artistic choice. As per the fashionable trend goes, jewelry designers make sure that the patterns are unique and are in liaison with ongoing demands. In this concern, the jewelry is articulated in sophisticated designs as well as heavy ones too; so that women can adorn them according to the need of an occasion.

Fashionable Pendant

Fashionable Pendant

Fashionable Bracelet

Fashionable Bracelet

Be it earrings, rings, necklace sets, bangles or head accessories, all of them have a specialized place in a woman’s life. Dressing in style with playful beaded jewelry pattern has managed to gain recognition for its affordability. There are many women, who cannot afford to buy expensive jewelry, which does not mean that they cannot look smart. Indeed, semi-precious gemstone jewelry designs are cost effective and enable women to look beautiful within their budget. This also brings to light a variety of online stores selling such type of jewelry art pieces. On these sites, one can get extensive discounts making the purchase even more budgetary.

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