Bead Jewelry- The Lightweight and Stylish Choice

The chirpy girls and grown up women both love to dabble in colorful gemstone beads. The sharp cuts boost the luster. Beaded jewelry is light weight and not complicated; moreover it’s stylish.

Gone are the days when ruby beads jewelry only meant using ruby strands as extension in necklace, nowadays the beads are used in variety of amazing arrangements. Faceted or smooth finish is up to your choice but both are stunning. Faceted ruby beads at trims of any piece have equal charm as the warmth of bold ruby briolettes.

Similarly, other accompaniments are luring designers. They are modeling their imagination into creative pieces using beads and briolettes. Twisted strand of deep blue petite sapphire beads has tidy finish that compliment Indian and western outfits both. Aquamarine beads incorporate subtle elegance in jewelry. Mostly faceted aquamarine roundel beads are used as accent in earrings while aquamarine plain beads are great as necklace.

Natural beads crafted from real gemstones are only available with trusted suppliers. Whether you are shopping online or in a brick and mortar store, check for the reputation of jeweler, authenticity certificate and track past records. Look for a specialized wholesaler like to buy sapphire beads go to sapphire beads wholesalers. This way you may get good deals on your pretty colorful gemstone beads.

Hey what’s your style? Generous and bold or smaller and refined? The trend-o-meter pointer says be stylish in minimum embellishments. Playful arrangement of little beads of gemstones always sets to refresh your mood.

Getting back to beading fashion jewelry – Aquamarine

In trend, elegant and pocket friendly are the characters that drew me towards bead jewelry. Think of fashion jewelry and bet you can’t stay away from aquamarine beads. The prismatic aquamarine beads look heavenly as plain stranded vintage necklace. It can be ideally worn for everyday wear. No one can really beat their charm. Aquamarine is a blue beryl that is clubbed into variety of jewelry pieces. Catch up with some aquamarine beads wholesaler to buy authentic natural aqua beads at right price and bead fashion jewelry for yourself. Believe me your joy will be doubled! Here is how you can enjoy mystical aquamarine jewelry.



Ideas to use beads


1. Aquamarine roundel beads can bring out the magnificence of the semi-precious gem. Center drilled large beads are excellent to use for bead bracelets. Costume jewelry beaded bracelets may use silver charms hanging in between the roundels perk up the manifestation.


2. Mix white bi-cone crystal with aquamarine and silver oxidized balls in necklace to give different look to a simple stranded necklace. You can also add a bold silver studded pendant or plain bezel set big cabochon for the classic sophistication.


3. Make a new-look bracelet or necklace stringing rows of seed beads with spacers. Add a tassel to attract more drama.


4. Entwine together many strands of moss aquamarine beads and finish off with a nice hook. The color of beads itself has numerous admirers.


5. Faceted beads are fancy. Tiny aquamarine faceted beads embellished wire wrapped earrings is very young and lively style for college goers.

How to clean bead jewelry

The love for jewelry in women is her natural trait. Jewelry holds sentimental value for them. Be it ruby cabochon or ruby carvings proper cleaning sets the sparkle of your trinkets for the long time. Gems are soft and fragile so extra care on your part will save you big blow. You don’t exactly need the market solutions to clean bead jewelry; even the simple techniques like dusting the soil with the help of old toothbrush or soft muslin cloth and homemade cleaners can take off your worries.

What about my carved ruby? Gemstone carving is alluring and at the same time gives run to clean them. I simply use detergent bath technique to retain the shine. Mix a quarter teaspoon mild detergent with luke warm water. Soak your jewelry in this concoction brush the pieces with an eyebrow brush to take off dust particles from every grove. Take out after 5-6 hours, rinse them well and wipe to dry. Pearls are not cleaned the same way as warm water would harm the nacre.

Cleaning Bead Jewelry

Cleaning Bead Jewelry

Bathe gemstone jewelry in less saturated ammonia and water for short time, and then clean with soft toothbrush. Water bathe is not always rewarding. Like don’t dip Ivory in water; wipe it clean with a small towel dipped into soapy water.

Commercial jewelry cleansers available in market are a quick fix. Read the instructions carefully and take the advice of jeweler before using it. I would not recommend using ultrasonic cleaners.

You can find more tips for cleaning faceted and carved ruby beads online.

Treasure from the lap of Srilankan Stones

Gem hunters travel around places in search of discovering new astonishing facts about gemstones. This time our hunters visited Sri Lanka; the abode of Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst and many other gems. From the centuries the gemstone treasure of Sri Lanka is widely respected. The most sought after gems are Sapphires and Ruby. Precambrian sedimentary rocks have deposits of them.

Sapphire is a coveted gem. The sapphires mined in Sri Lanka are known for the unique color, transparency and luster. Ceylon blue Sapphire is the pride of Sri Lanka, hence was declared national gem of Sri Lanka in 2003. Sapphires contribute about ten percent of total gemstone mining in Sri Lanka. They are found in five dazzling hues; is the most popular of all. The charm of sparkling profound blue Sapphire has ruled the heart of millions for years. Royals have celebrated their relation with Ceylon Sapphire, whether it is a blue Sapphire bead brooch gifted from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria on the eve of their wedding or an engagement ring still witnessed on the ring finger of the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine.

Sri Lankan Gemstones

Sri Lankan Gemstones

The country also has some fantastic Rubies. They are mined in Mogok region. The businessman and philanthropist Peter Buck donated a platinum ring studded with diamond and 23.1 carats Burma Ruby in remembrance of his late wife Carmen Lúcia to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. This is one of the largest rubies in the world.

Very little is said about the Rubies from Myanmar I will try to grab more information on it and will share with my lovely readers in upcoming blogs.

Getting nostalgic about Vintage Jewelry

Desire to look different from the crowd is somewhere hidden into core of my heart. Walking down the memory lane I landed into Victorian period which a renaissance period for jewelry. The antique jewelry of this particular period prominently uses my favorite classic rose cut diamonds. The astounding appeal of period jewelry is due to the intricate lacy patterns, baroque pearls and concoction of rare hard to find gemstones. The time-honored pieces from the Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian era make me breathless. The quality workmanship of fine estate jewelry inspired me to fathom magical depth of vintage fashion.
I recommend revival necklace and brooch featuring a bold cushion cut moonstone for the party perfect look. The gorgeous gold loop-in-loop ribbon design includes poised Kashmir sapphire beads on the edge. It is very thrilling to get embraced with this unusual velvety green color Kashmir sapphire. Older pieces of jewelry uncover the mystic aura of demantoid garnets which are unusual green variation of garnet, found only in estate jewelry.
The Old Mine Cut style of diamonds used in estate jewelry surfaced in the early 1800s’ and early 1900′s saw Old European Cut. Art Deco jewelry is set with later.
I got so much fascinated by the heirloom charm that I spent hours only to search for vintage jewelry and came across some interesting pieces. An Egyptian revival ring from Cartier worth eye-popping $30,000 is carved ruby framed with other vibrant colored stone in ancient kingly motif. What better than to receive this gift for 40th anniversary!

Juicy Watermelon Tourmaline

Unusual and rare things are my focal point since childhood. My explorative nature took me to travel around the vibrant world of tourmaline gemstone. This precious “stone of mixed colors” flaunt unique spectrum of colors. From colorless to pastel to the darker hues like black it is found in many attractive hues. While on exploration I found pretty dramatic watermelon tourmaline. The name might have given you the excitement of finding a jewel which shows three colors in a single stone. The cross section slice of it shows juicy pink core margined by green outside with white sleeve in between. It is a heartfelt beauty! Now you don’t have to wait for summers to enjoy the juicy watermelon! The beauty of this gem wonder can be tasted with eyes in any season.

Bezel set polished multicolored tourmaline cabochons and sterling silver link bracelet is young and hip fashion for teenage girls. The traditional birthstone for October is also gift for 8th anniversary. A freeform Brazilian tourmaline slice set in 14k white gold is what makes your lady fall in love with you again. Special handcrafted pink tourmaline beads can add style to a simple 1.6mm snake chain.

Many color tourmaline beads arranged in broad atypical pattern is all time favorite vintage fashion. The glossy tourmaline attracts attention for their significant healing quality. Wear specific color tourmaline for the infirmity you want to treat. Carefully selected tourmaline bead is pleasurable in any form of jewelry.

Divulge in the gem affair with rainbow colors of tourmaline.

The mighty Colombian Emerald

Bold, smooth, lustrous dome shaped luscious green gemstone surprise everyone with its dazzler look. This coveted gem is emerald from the capital of South Carolina. Brilliant green color emerald cabochon with diamond accent is not only desirable by every women but same passion is seen in men. Emerald is a lively gem.

Colombian Emerald

Colombian Emerald

The emeralds from the mines of Columbia are highly esteemed for their purity. Located in central South Carolina the city is the largest producer with three major mines in the Muzo, La Pita and Cosquez.  Emerald cabochons look incredible in the company of diamonds nestled in contrasting gold or silver color metal chiefly in rings. Its dignified beauty is pleasurable that you will enjoy.

It is ironic to learn that emerald prices were greatly dropped over the span of a decade between 1990 and 2000 due to fall in production. Aging machinery, lack of foreign investment together with “mafia-war” is proving taboo to the production of these wonderful emeralds. The Colombian government is trying to control the situation.

Columbia Emerald Pendant

Columbia Emerald Pendant

A multi stranded bead necklace made from Colombian Emerald beads is awe-inspiring enrichment to the occasion. Color, purity, and brilliance estimate the market value of an emerald. After once seeing bad times Colombian gradually gained and today fetches approximately $1,800 per carat. Recently, world’s largest emerald miner, Gemfield showed interest in investing in Columbia.

Find these lovely faceted 3mm emerald beads or large emerald beads in tumbled finish online as well as offline.

You can buy genuine emerald beads of Columbian origin from a reputed seller only.

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Stackable bracelets with Ruby

From the time when the men are born the desire to look good motivated them to decorate themselves with different kind of accessories. Jewelry is the prominent of all. Necklace, earrings, head gear, ring, bracelet, bangle, cuff and many other countless options are there. The stackable bracelets are latest in trend which typically gives us an idea of grouping bead bracelets. Bracelet stacking is here to stay for years to come. If glossy globular gemstone beads are your taste try flexible beaded bracelet this season. Both men and women can adorn these. I have found variety of ruby gemstone beads bracelets online; each differing in style but with same charisma.

Tennis bracelets set with natural ruby beads are sporty while smooth red ruby beads stackable stretch bead bracelet with charm are liked for it fits any wrist size. A black cat’s eye and quartz rondelle, a small ribbed spacer bead with starfish charm added beauty to plain beads. For the new trendy fashion this design is great as stackable with four or more bracelets.

Boho beaded bracelet is an ideal jewelry gift for the July born lady.

The price of gemstone beads depends on size and their origin. Best rubies seed from Burma and these are scrupulously crafted into petite beads. Genuine Burmese ruby beads used in jewelry gives extra value to it. They can be bought in strands. It is entirely up to your choice whether you buy high carat weight many strands or few loose drilled ruby beads.

Show off your distinct personality just by layering bracelets.

Create a Bib Necklace Yourself with Ruby

Looking to buy something exclusive that perfects festive look for you..that creates the magic with your Indo-western outfit. You will surely find your love in beaded bib necklace. I just don’t want regular necklace available in shop next to me but I want to tailor it for the most inimitable experience. Here is my idea from my bag of jewelry craft how I used ruby faceted beads, wire, chain, headpins and clasp to make beaded bib necklace. Follow these simple steps to make one for yourself too!

Step 1: Cut the chain 18 to 22 inches long. Mark the exact centre point of the chain. Here the longest strand is hung.

Step 2: Prepare about 9 head pins and 16 link pins. Pass a ruby faceted bead through each link pin.

Step 3: Now that you are ready with beads to be linked start from the middle point of the chain.

Step 4: Link four eye pin beads and one head pin for the longest centre piece. This has to be the longest from the adjacent eight strands. Each strand is one shorter than the individual next to it.

Step 5: Finish off by adding lobster clasps to the ends.

Ruby Bib Necklace

Ruby Bib Necklace

I absolutely loved it. I am excited to flaunt to it before my friends and hope you too would like it. Enjoy the attention you get. When people appreciate the creativity mirrored by this ruby beads necklace you will definitely feel on cloud 9. One should always check out for natural ruby drops, ruby cabochon and ruby briolette beads from the authentic source points.

Brilliant ruby beads, worth an investment

Oh so lovely. Prettier chunks contrary to statement are investment into style, sophistication and of course are worth of money. Little eye-catching ruby briolette beads make stunning ring, bracelet or necklace for you or your special someone. This gemstone embellishes jewelry piece render elegance. These green, red, pink etc. color beads are offered in amazing fancy cuts like leaf shaped ruby carvings and tear drops. Ruby strands are versatile gamut of beads that allow you, the jewelry connoisseur to play along and integrate your imagination into designer jewelry.


Both tumbled and faceted finished, differently sized beads were the most coveted gem in the crown of royals. They transcend aesthetic appeal to the jewelry. Natural ruby beads are real treasure! These days industry is threatened with synthetic ruby from China and thus making identification of genuine ruby beads very challenging.

How to identify authenticity of ruby

We see lot of ‘ruby beads’ featured online, how do we know if the sale is authentic or just another fake one. The following checkpoints save you from falling prey to fraudulent activities.

• Clarity is the most important factor in determining price of Ruby. Poorest being B and highest is AAA.

• Ruby beads are less expensive than any stone cut mounted in jewelry. They are hand cut to purge wastage; hence not all are perfectly round. If they are uniformly cut they may be Garnet, Rose Quartz or Jade.

• Beware of fake names like “Adelaide ruby”, “Cape ruby”, Arizona ruby”, “Colorado ruby”, “American ruby”, “Mont Blanc ruby”, “Bales Ruby”, “Bohemian ruby”, “Montana ruby”, “Brazilian ruby” and “Mountain ruby”. They are mostly garnet.

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