Things to remember while buying loose gemstones

In this article, we’ll cover some buying fundamentals that will help you easier and more secure while buying for gemstones. Keep reading to learn how to guard yourself against scams and misunderstanding and how to find the best stone for your personal jewelry selection.

Loose Gemstones

Loose Gemstones

Always ask whether the stone is authentic, artificial or organic
Natural stones are jewels that have occurred normally inside the earth and designed in the world. Other than their exploration, cutting and polishing, they are manufactured with no human involvement. Meanwhile, artificial stones are generally cultured in a lab where they are expanded, complete with genuine looking “flaws” and other features designed for making them appear to look more “natural.” Keep in mind that artificial stones can lawfully be generally known as “genuine,” so it’s important for making this difference with the supplier.

Ask to examine the stone yourself
While you’re not going to become an overnight gemologist, looking at stones while you shop around is a great way to gain a better knowing of quality, cut, and shade.

Instead of studying how blemishes impact a diamond’s quality, you can actually see this in effect when you look at a stone. Examine stones under good light and use a magnifying glass to get a better look. Try to look at the stone head on and from above to get no shocks of its balance and translucency.

Always have an important part examined by a private evaluator
To secure yourself and your jewelry against possible scams, have your jewelry write down every part of the stone on your invoice of sales – such as size, shade, quality, cut, and value. Then, take the part to a private evaluator to see if these statements coordinate up. Buying from reliable jewellers can also help avoid any problems with scams or misunderstanding. Get your gem tested by gemmological labs or buy a pre-certified gemstone to assure you are not cheated

Old Traditional Style of Divine Gemstones Sparkles Brighter as Beads

When you buy a colored gemstone, you’ll discover yourself engrossed in beautiful colors, dazzling cuts and terms that you don’t always comprehend. Before going to purchase for gemstone, it’s important to understand the industry, the product, and the retail market.

Gemstones can be as old and established like conventional rubies or sapphires, or they can be new and interesting like semi-precious reddish purple garnets or red zoisite stones. Whatever color, design or price you prefer, there is a gem for you. You just have to think it is.

Colorful Gemstones

Colorful Gemstones

Gemstones possess paranormal abilities and gifted glow and glamour. Once people spent and bought jewels for investment or to ward off bad luck. The diverse characters of these stones inspire to carry them as ring. Gradually the further use of colourful gemstones attraction was included in crown and swords of kings. The glamour of gems and beads in vintage jewellery fascinated ladies. Ruby gemstone beads, emerald beads and sapphire are classic example of simple yet refined style. The scurplous, clean faces reflects more shine.

The show biz industry has always affected the choices of youth. From the classy Sapphire ring to diamond solitaire to candid beads of gems the spark of them makes awesome jewelry. The lightweight and enhanced shine of beaded jewelry is remarkable.

Jewelry selection should always improve your looks hence select it as per the most recent pattern and don’t just buy it as a effortless choice. Ponder for a minute. Why are you buying jewelry? What style do you want? What is the occasion? Antique and conventional jewelry can only be used on special events as its highly elegant and cultural, hence try and invest less on it as in comparison to stylish easy to wear ones. Antique gemstone jewelry needs additional care and safety measure as in comparison to fashion jewelry to if you want to display it then be prepared to take care it as it’s a design statement that shows the past era.

When you select jewelry with your heart you pick the best.

The Cutting Edge – Diamond

Diamonds need no advertisements. The beautiful, glittering diamond attracts the onlooker with its beautiful glitter. The sparkling stone remains visible, even from a very great distance. The glitter needs no persuasion to make a person take a second look. The cut in the diamond, displays the stone, which is an attraction by itself. Diamonds are nature’s little wonders. Its charm has worked magic over the years, over centuries and still works its magic today. Cries of delight on seeing this shining beauty set in beautiful ornaments cannot be stifled.

White Diamonds

White Diamonds

The ring of love

The delicate cut of the diamond in the tiara of the bride just outshines everything else. The diamond ring is most desirable among the wedding couple. Diamonds are always connected to romance and needs no persuasion, for the couple to gift it to one another. The sparkling diamonds set on bracelets is an attraction by itself. Diamond swags that are mine-cut in garland design diamond necklace are priceless and beautiful. Who needs persuasion to wear it? Diamond caps with rose cut when intersected with pearls give an astounding display of style.

White Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

White Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

White Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

White Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond, the coveted precious gem, has high demand. They are valued for their exquisite beauty. They pass a long journey from the rough gem they are to the refined product that is displayed on the jewelry store in its beautiful cut. Sometimes, it is set among other precious stone that is just irresistible. They will always be the most coveted jewel because diamonds remain forever. Diamonds are pricey but will always retain its pride of honor in a jewelry shop to any home.

The cutting edge metaphorically can also be obtained with other precious stones ranging from emeralds and sapphire. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. And with stones that everyone beholds, you just could become even more beautiful.

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Beads best signify the Airy Perspective trend for 2016

Love to dress! Keeping up with the effervescent fashion is perhaps her main fret. Accessories are as important as dressing and trinkets are the most prized in all. There is much in Vicenzaoro Italian jewelry fashion show for you trendy ladies. The natural beauty of colored gems is an inspiration leading to awesome jewelry pieces. TRENDVISION, the ace Jewelry trend forecaster is followed across the fraternity to stay updated of latest fashion.

Vicenzaoro Italian jewelry fashion show

Vicenzaoro Italian jewelry fashion show

Fashion market is volatile; however, gemstones have managed traditional allure in contemporary jewelry.  Trendvision fashion show revealed the latest jewelry styles that are worth picking. The collection displayed immense creativity. Colorful gemstones setting invigorate the mood with their hues.

TrendVision Award 2016

TrendVision Award 2016

Polished and faceted drops too contributed Airy Perspective cult of this year’s trend with their raw, organic look. The essentialist fluid style is with minimal or no ornamentation. Truly amazing to see geometrical shapes float! The classic emerald cabs and drops shape hottest trends for the year. Frank green flashes have heartening liveliness of nature. Lightweight lustrous transparent beaded designs use best of the modernist approaches.

Colorful Stones

Colorful Stones

The dramatic intermixing pattern is nostalgic. Playful stone beads delight you with its free flow of energy and persuade wonderful changes in culture. The tribal metallic aesthetics enhances with encrusted gems and beads. Trendvision and Pantone like analysts play instrumental role in decision making. Ramp shows give perfect idea to carry a particular trend in best style. Gem beads are essential but minimalistic adornment. Heavy outfit complimented with single stranded necklace makes amazing dressing for wedding reception.

Beaded pattern accumulate little packets of joy. They can be flaunted on any occasion and makes any moment special. From college girls to sophisticated ladies everyone cherish the round crystal beads. Be it a casual hangout or formal dinner get instrumental, be stylish, and add fun in life with blobs!

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Spring 2016 Green Flash Splash with Precious Emerald Jewelry

Tempting greenery everywhere instills a fresh energy in spring. The tint of Emerald matches up with the vibrancy of nature. Season’s palette for spring 2016 has again revived the charm of green. Spring 2016 gemstone is Emerald. The royal stone jewelry is in much demand, probably because this year again iconic color forecaster Pantone has included ‘green’ in its color palette.

Escape from the mundane get the sparkle from the ‘Green Flash’. Colored gems jewelry has been popular among kings and queens which are trending till now. Radiant beads and pronged stones create an ecstasy in surprising ways. You can’t go off beam with gemstone beads. Free flowing beaded jewelry is an easy fashion liked by women to catch up with a casual outing. Rosary necklace teamed for bohemian allure has a very delightful combination with crazy dresses like t-shirts and skirts. Faceted or plain blobs are incorporated into fine jewelry for added charisma.

If you are planning to propose your girl this season, say it with Emerald set halo ring. Slip it in her dainty hand and let her twinkling eyes speak of her consent. The agreement of pretty white diamonds and the lustrous emerald is perfect add-on for dramatic moments.

Years past the royals used to stud their swords and crowns with gemstone cabochons, mainly rubies, sapphires and emeralds. You will get the same queenly feeling in traditional chandeliers and danglers. Make a statement with beautiful shiny multi-stranded beaded necklace. A gem set in conventional 18k yellow gold or modern white gold crafts great fanaticism in jewelry.

The nature’s bright hue interests with candidness of Pantone gemstone. This gem represents hope, new life and desires. Exciting, welcoming looks in sap color gem contrast with softer, individuality of surroundings. Splash the Green Flash for majestic bliss with awe-inspiring color stone jewelry.

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Age-Old Charm of Black Diamond for Designer Make Over

Timeless elegance and the figure of perfection displayed by diamonds have tantalized everyone. From Shakespearean era to modern day singer Rihanna the soft beauty of world’s hardest natural material has been flaunted on red-carpet. The gorgeous little precious beads have enthralling spread among the young as well as elderly women. This snippet focuses on passage of the mighty elusive dark stone.

Apart from red and pink precious stones classy black gems in traditional yellow or contemporary white or pink gold setting jewelry are wonderful option for a daring lady. The elegance of gemstones evokes unfathomable fascination in any assortment. Like colored stones, fancy diamond has created a niche of fans. Designers are mesmerized by it too. Henri Daussi crafted rose gold twisted band paved with mysterious diamond is an edgy yet cool accessory.

Beads are small packets of joy. They are no less blissful than a faceted stone. Here I would share a worth mentioning creation stamped in my mind – tiered tassel earrings by Sutra. This beautiful jewelry in 18k black gold has managed immense passion in the dazzle of rose-cut precious white stones, faceted black diamond beads, and pearls. The piece has trendy style that equals charm of cushion cut black stone set in white gold halo earrings. For minimalist pattern try a beaded bracelet with a charm hanging from the row of black globules; the arrangement is historic. It is stackable as well as can be worn single.

An engagement ring is the most valuable possession for a girl and how about surprising your beloved with black diamond Engagement Ring! She will love it too. The sensuality in dark tone creates distinct style.

Black Diamond Ring

Black Diamond Ring

A precious gem beading imparts historic beauty to jewelry. The dark bits which were considered as bits fallen from the shooting star are now beloved diamonds adding sparkle to heirloom jewelry. The heart melting beauty of gems matched with awesome craftsmanship fashion chic accessory.

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Kingly elegance of Ruby beads for that evergreen luxe love

Gemstone as we know gives an elegant touch to an individual’s personality. They are used as matter of pride for ages from the kings to the engagement rings. Gemstone beads are the ones to have a separate section in the jewelry world. Like ruby beads if added to jewelry gives it an all new look and makes the ornament more attractive to the outer world. Ruby is regarded to be among the 4 most precious stone in the world which also include sapphire, diamond and emerald. The stunning dark blood-red stones offer an elegant touch to the jewelry. The color of the stones generally varies from reddish pink to dark red. These are generally of different types keeping aside the shapes and sizes aspect. The stones are sorted according to transparency and color and accordingly some are cut and polished into a proper shape and size for sale in the market as ruby beads. There are many reputed sellers who sells authentic wholesale ruby beads at best price.

The sources of rubies are as follows:

  • Burma Ruby: Ruby mined in Burma is highly coveted for the rubies mined in this location have a specific color characteristic. They have a fine rich pigeon blood red color; dark red with a tint of blue added to it. Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Greenland are also famous for their ruby mines. Ruby beads of Burmese origin are usually not found.

burma ruby

  • Indian Rubies: India is regarded to be the biggest supplier of ruby cabochons and star rubies. The districts of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are famous for mining rubies.

indian rubies

The determination of the ruby depends on the following criterion:

  • Colour: The color of the ruby is generally of dark red and they can be of various color variations as long as they are red based.
  • Clarity: The rubies that are free from all inclusions are the most expensive ones. The clarity does matters.
  • Carat: The price also depends on the carat; the more the carat, the more expensive it gets.
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Bespoke Black Diamond Beads Jewelry Sets Volcanic Trend

You are not enough of jewelry; I didn’t felt this until expedition to Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show in Arizona. The flashes of colored stones, loose gemstones, strings of gemstone drops, designer and antique jewelry were warming surroundings. Here the breath-taking beauty of vintage style pave black diamond white gold Lace bracelet was impelling everyone. I moved on towards it too and found many astonishing creations there. In this blog I am sharing some of the key must look out styles.

  • A pair of drop earring in 18k yellow gold with faceted round, bewildering precious beads in classic pattern is good match for trendy diva.
18kt Yellow Gold and Multi-Color Lady's Drop Earrings, Pair

18kt Yellow Gold and Multi-Color Lady’s Drop Earrings, Pair

  • Besides the classic round, dashing black cube bead strands steal the show. The beads are available sizing 1.5– 9mm in many shapes. Pretty mysterious beads in clean outline surface magic spell every time you carry them.
Black Diamond Cubes - 3 Lines - 116.00 carats

Black Diamond Cubes – 3 Lines – 116.00 carats

  • Bold gemstone drum beads with oxidized yellow gold pendant is my personal favorite. I included it in my collection for the simplistic grace.
18kt Yellow Gold, Emerald and Diamond Lady's Pin/Pendant, H. 2 1/4

18kt Yellow Gold, Emerald and Diamond Lady’s Pin/Pendant, H. 2 1/4

Mined shapely diamond blobs are most sought after gemstone bead. Get the heck from the unfinished cut diamond and consider buying clean faceted droplets. Evenly cut lovely globules are so glittery that they flaunt modest glamour. A natural black diamond is rare and pricey affair but love for uniqueness belittle price in the black diamond beads. Trusted online vendors are your easy source to buy them.

If you fear trying something new yet want to get a makeover try contrasting one line plain black beads with a solid red or blue dress. Bet you are new eye-candy of all on that prom night. “Darkness excites”, mysterious precious stone drops affirms the statement. Boldness of color can be transformed in multi-layering of chunky 15 mm beads for the experimental audacious personalities. Balance the edginess of black with white for a secure fashion statement!

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Fall 2016- when the Streets are alive

Fall is the period when the hot temperature comes into the cool zone. The rich cherry trees set the mood towards wearing cherry red attires. The autumn foliage is a splendor to behold as seen in the women’s choice of clothing. Mid skirts in various colors of indigo and deep blue are comfortable to wear in the beginning of fall. Denim jumpsuits with back slits are comfortable and stylish to face the slight chilly climate.


What’s new this Fall?
Trendy T-shirts coming in bright horizontal stripes of olive green against a white background or with a splash of design randomly spread are a cool choice, making one ready to face the world. Mesh tops in black and brown are light and comfortable during the first days of autumn while mesh sweaters that come in cream or ebony are cozy and comfortable in the cold.

Patterns- they are everywhere:
Printed shirts with streaks of white against a peach background give a relaxed posture as do sleeveless poplin tops. Satin jogger pants and waist pants that come in linen paper bag are a good choice that is both, stylish and comfortable. Short trench blazers in light cream shades are eye catchers while the utility jackets are light and comfortable. A Star scarf with navy blue stars studded against a white background is a delightful accessory to any dress along with a straw tote hand bag in horizontal stripes of brown and white.

Accessories- it’s the new in thing:
The Fashion Week is all set to experience the victory of precious stones over everything else. Pantone suggests “soft and cool neutral” colors in gemstones for Spring 2016. Accessories that feature delicate emerald stones inset in delicate bands of platinum and gold are picture perfect. Add a little color to your outfit with colored stones like aquamarine and tourmaline. Dress to every mood with Ruby and Sapphire stones to match cherry and maple.


Patterns- they are everywhere:
With brown trees beginning to stand out, thanks to the lack of green leaves, brown has also taken over the streets of fashion. Everywhere you look, get ready to be spell-bound by brown and beige shades everywhere this Fall 2016.

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Ruby beads sale at online wholesale store is the best buy

If you love 70s dressing retro fashion is for you. Beads are the most convincing style for fad young lady. Colored gemstone beads like ruby are used to blend memoires with modern up market essence of color palette. Dazzling ruby gemstone beads are mostly Petite cut or cabochon cut.

Ruby beads are presentable in any shape, size and finish. Pomegranate red smooth oval ruby rondelle strands as a necklace to recreate the period charm. Faceted ruby, drops, rondelle, carvings and unique shapes like fan and pear briolette possess the finesse that catches every eye. Online Ruby beads sale at much lower price than what we find in local jewelry store. Moderate to high price depends on size and origin of gem. Beacab offer huge range of high quality ruby beads with unbeatable prices to our customers.

red ruby drop necklace

red ruby drop necklace

Ruby is a natural gem which is a symbol of love and warmth. It may be fascinating in any shade, both raw or heat treated. Intense red known as pigeon blood color from Mogok is the most cherished one while darker purplish African ruby and deep red or maroon also has many appreciators. My aesthetic sense draws me towards pinkish raspberry red precious gem beads.

Beads are more than merely a bit of jewelry but are a tradition that is crafted, worn and passed on from generations. Inimitable charm and beauty of gemstone beads are historic. The fascinating history of these wonderful little beads comes out of sands and now fantasizing teenage fashion. Be it a classic necklace or bracelet ruby amp up the emotions.

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