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Beads best signify the Airy Perspective trend for 2016

Love to dress! Keeping up with the effervescent fashion is perhaps her main fret. Accessories are as important as dressing and trinkets are the most prized in all. There is much in Vicenzaoro Italian jewelry fashion show for you trendy ladies. The natural beauty of colored gems is an inspiration leading ...
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Spring 2016 Green Flash Splash with Precious Emerald Jewelry

Tempting greenery everywhere instills a fresh energy in spring. The tint of Emerald matches up with the vibrancy of nature. Season’s palette for spring 2016 has again revived the charm of green. Spring 2016 gemstone is Emerald. The royal stone jewelry is in much demand, probably because this year again ...
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Age-Old Charm of Black Diamond for Designer Make Over

Timeless elegance and the figure of perfection displayed by diamonds have tantalized everyone. From Shakespearean era to modern day singer Rihanna the soft beauty of world’s hardest natural material has been flaunted on red-carpet. The gorgeous little precious beads have enthralling spread among ...
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Kingly elegance of Ruby beads for that evergreen luxe love

Gemstone as we know gives an elegant touch to an individual’s personality. They are used as matter of pride for ages from the kings to the engagement rings. Gemstone beads are the ones to have a separate section in the jewelry world. Like ruby beads if added to jewelry gives it an all new look and ...
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Bespoke Black Diamond Beads Jewelry Sets Volcanic Trend

You are not enough of jewelry; I didn’t felt this until expedition to Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show in Arizona. The flashes of colored stones, loose gemstones, strings of gemstone drops, designer and antique jewelry were warming surroundings. Here the breath-taking beauty of vintage style pave black ...
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