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Aquamarine Beads – Aqua-Cool-Marine

Aquamarine is from the gem family of Beryl, the same as emerald and morganite. Aquamarine beads, cut stones and carvings are used in jewelry extensively, as this is a stone available in abundant quantities. Ancient Romans associated this stone with Neptune, believed to be the god of the seas. As a result early sailors used to wear carved aquamarine talismans as protection against the perils of sea travel. Today it is known as the birthstone for March and when given as a gift is said to bring harmony to long standing relationships.

Aquamarine Gemstone Smooth Beads

Aquamarine beads are available in many sizes and shapes. Aquamarine beads range in size from 9 mm to 40 mm diameters in round beads. Tumbled aquamarine beads, carved ones, smooth or cabochons- all are used in jewelry. They may range in color from a vibrant aqua blue to a pale icy blue. Green tones if present are often removed by heat treatment.

Aquamarine Gemstone Faceted Beads

Like all gemstone beads, aquamarine beads too are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Aquamarine tubes, cubes, briolettes, carved beads, roundels, ovals and irregular shaped tumbled beads all make up a range of offerings for those interested in this beautiful stone. Aquamarine beads strung along with gold beads are used to make lariat necklaces that are all the rage as summer accessories in fashion circles nowadays.

Interesting facts
Brazil is the main producer of aquamarine, but China, India, Australia, Africa, and the United States also produce quantities of the stone.

Aquamarine stones are relatively inclusion free. This means that large flawless crystals are available which can then be cut into beautiful big stones.

In ancient times aquamarines were used to treat poisoning and for fortune telling. They were also soaked in water and this water was used to treat ailments of the heart, liver, stomach, throat and mouth.

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