Emerald Gemstones & Beads Buying Guide

Emerald-Cut-Emerald-GemstoneEmerald is one of the most beautiful, valuable and precious gemstone on the earth. For centuries, this green beauty has been valued for its spring like hues and unmatched beauty. Emeralds are associated with eternal hope, new life and rebirth. The ancient believed that the gemstone brings love, prosperity and eloquence to its wearer. Derived its name from the Latin word “smaragadus”, meaning green, the stone is a true representation of forever spring.

Birthstone Emerald:

Emerald is the birthstone for people born in the month of May. It was one of the twelve stones that were studded in the breast plate of high priest Aaron. This symbol of springtime is associated with renewal and timeless beauty. The gem is also considered the traditional anniversary gift for 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. Emerald is strongly associated with love, faith, fidelity, inspiration, wisdom, harmony, and satisfaction in marriage. The stone is thought to expose the inconsistency of lovers by changing its color.

Emerald in History:

Legends has that emerald has a calming and healing nature which reflect through its green hues.

It is a gemstone of beryl family. Since 4,000 years, emeralds have been one of the most precious stones along with ruby, sapphire and diamond. The history of emeralds dates back to 2000 BC when the stone was thought to be first discovered in Egypt. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was fond of these green stones. Though the rocks of that time were full of inclusions, they were valued for their rarity and natural beauty.

Later with the discovery of Cosquez and Muzo mines in the Chivor, Colombia became the source of the eminent Inca’s emeralds. The mines are still producing the finest emeralds in the world. Devonshire Emerald and Patricia Emerald are the most famous un-cut emeralds of these mines in recorded history.

mogul-emeraldMogul Emerald is another notable rock of history. With 217.80 carats, it is one of the largest emeralds ever discovered. Throughout the history, Emeralds have been prized and worn by royalty to celebrities. In modern times, Jackie Kennedy had received an emerald engagement ring and Marlene Dietrich wore her own collection of theatrical jewelry set with enormous cabochon emeralds (two bracelets and a clip brooch) in lots of her movies. Elizabeth Taylor also had a whooping collection of noteworthy emerald jewels.

Choosing an Emerald:

Emerald beads and jewelry has long been a fashion choice, it is essential to know how to choose high quality emeralds before you start your next purchase. The stone comes in variety of light and dark shades of green. When you look for emeralds, remember that they won’t be found without inclusions in the natural form. Inclusions up to a certain level are acceptable in this stone. Like other precious stones, emeralds are also graded on the basis of color, clarity, cut and shape.



Color is the major factor when choosing emeralds, both faceted and beads. You can find the stones in numerous shades of grass green. Intense green emeralds of high saturation are rare and could cost a premium. When choosing emerald beads look for the ones with similar tone unless you are making a multi-hues emerald necklace or bracelet. The green hue of the emerald must be more vivid and brilliant in case of emerald cabochons as it makes the jewelry looks more beautiful.



In case of emeralds, clarity can be enhanced by oil treatment. Large pieces with no flaws are rare. If you are looking for a cabochon or faceted beads, ask if the stone has undergone some treatment. It doesn’t harm the gem but surely enhance the quality.



The price and value of an emerald is also graded by the quality of its cut. The cut gives the aesthetic as well as financial value to gemstones. It can enhance the color and clarity as the cut decided the path of light and helps a piece to sparkle more brilliantly. Due to their crystalline structure emeralds are most commonly step cut in square and octagon shapes. Cabochon cut is also a popular choice for high en jewelry.



Faceted emeralds come in a variety of shapes: Oval, round, pear, cushion, marquise, rectangular, cabochon, briolette, drops, heart and more. As you have numerous shapes, you can experiment a lot with your emerald jewelry. Get the perfect round beads for a finished necklace or string emerald chips to make multilayered bracelet, you can even choose teardrop cabochons for earrings or a pendant – the choices are endless.

Emerald and celebrities:

If you observe the celebrity style and choice, you can see emeralds at every red carpet event. Emeralds were the major attraction of Elizabeth Taylor’s vault. In past few years, you must have seen emerald at every red carpet event. In fact, Angelina Jolie, Irina Shyak and Julianne Moore have been making us all green with envy as they bring the bauble back into the spotlight.


The stone is even cherished as an engagement bauble. The Oscar winning actress Halle Berry received an exclusive and antique emerald engagement ring. Emerald engagement ring symbolizes eternal love, trust, devotion, lasting commitment and youthfulness in a relationship.

Emerald jewelry trends:

As an alluring stone, emerald has been in trend as fashion jewelry. The charming looks of this imperial gem summons one for accomplishment. Solitaire emeralds and three-stone jewelry are the traditional styles while twisted bead necklaces, asymmetrical earrings and chunky emerald bracelets are a contemporary choice.


You can create your own emerald collection by adding cabochons, faceted beads, polished stones and other variations of emerald jewelry.

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