Gemstones and Beads: Are they different or same?

Beaded jewelry is a lot in fashion these days. You could see an array of beaded styles on runways, red carpet and streets. People really adore the emerging trend for the latest addition is easy to carry, has a lot of variations and could be easily customized to get a personalized appeal.


As the experts have declared that the concept of minimal will soon be overlapped by the extravagant and outstanding, the market is flooded with jewelry options. Single, double or multi-strand bead necklaces and bracelets, tassels, asymmetrical chokers and cuffs, petite or large drops and dangles with carved or polished cabochons – the choices are infinite.

But a major confusion while choosing the high end fashion jewelry is whether it’s genuine or faux. People often think that beads and gemstones are two different things. For them, the extravagant and over prized rocks which are finely faceted into a certain shape and studded in precious metals are gemstones.

The reality is a lot different from this. Actually, beads are like any other cut of gemstones and they are as valuable as the faceted rocks. The only difference in the two is of the volume and the way they are used in jewelry.

There could be infinite ways to set a gemstone in jewelry. You can cut them to enhance the clarity like in case of emerald-cut ruby or could polish them to brighten the color as in the case of ruby cabochons. Both can be studded in metal settings but the latter can be drilled to string on a wire. Ultimately you get a different style of wearing the same stone.

Gemstones are graded as precious or semi precious, natural or lab created, polished or un-polished and untreated or treated. This grading applies to all types of gemstone including beads.

Normally, when cutting a gem a cutter has to see its cleavage. Emeralds, for example, have fractures and fissure. While faceting an emerald, the cutter has to be careful about these flaws as a sharp blow on the fractures can break the stone into pieces. So it needs a lot of patience and time.

Beads on the other side are generally polished and drilled. They are normally petite and a lot in number. Also, they have fewer facets or sometimes have smooth surface. In case of gemstone beads, more attention is given to the color than clarity. They can be cut into any desired shape or can be carved to enhance the beauty. Thus, gives you more choice to adorn the jewelry.

Faceted stones are often undergoes certain type of treatment to improve the color and clarity. Natural gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires of high quality are very rare and could cost a premium. Beads don’t have to be treated always. It depends on the requirement and quality of the stone.

Another important difference between faceted gemstones and gemstone beads is that you always need strong metal cage to hold the former ones but the latter could be studded or stringed to create flamboyant jewelry.

Now that you have understood the concept of gemstone and beads or more clearly the concept of gemstone beads, it will be easy for you to choose the genuine jewelry.

Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite and more! Think of a stone and you can find it in beaded form. With lots of style variations (cabochons, carved, surface faceted, drops, balls, chips, asymmetrical, large, small, round, pear) beads can be found in a spectrum of colors. You can adorn them in any form of fashion and fine jewelry. And being so gorgeous, they will always add the words of praises to your beauty, looks and fashion senses.

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