What do You Need Before Buying Diamonds?

white-rose-cut-diamondDiamonds are precious and we have to be careful while shopping for it to avoid any regrets later. Here is a checklist that will help you in making a wise investment. While they are valued for their brilliance and beauty it can be a very subjective thing, what may look exquisite and expensive to you may be just a finely cut crystal. Scared!

Here is the best way to be sure that the money you paid for your diamond is well spent — get it certified!!!

Wondering from where to get the certification?

Certifying diamond involves lot of details and not everyone can do it. Two of the top diamond labs in the world that do the gemstone certifications are Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society (AGS). (Though there are several labs that issue certificates but these two are widely accepted, however if you get your certification from any other lab it is better to ask for their credentials to avoid any hassles later).

You may question why we need the lab’s credentials (after all they are giving us the certificate and if they are doing this business they must know it well). Yes very true but you should get these details because every lab has a different grading standard and may be quite confusing but with GIA and AGS certificate usually there is no scope for such confusion as most jewelers and gem dealers are aware of their grading standards.

What will this certificate Imply?

Many experts equate the certificate of a diamond to a "blueprint" as it gives out all the required details of the diamond.

It will contain

  • Diamond’s exact measurements
  • Diamond’s weight
  • Details of its cut and
  • Diamond’s quality.

Simply put a certificate points specifically all the particular characteristics of the diamond and serve as testimony of its identity and value.

Will a certificate also tell the price of the Diamond?

No, it will just mention the important details of the diamond, if you want an authoritative document on the value you will have to get an appraisal done. The main difference between a certificate and an appraisal is that certificate is an authoritative document of the quality but does have details of the monetary value whereas an appraisal will give the monetary but will not certify the quality of the diamond.

Why it is always better to shop for certified diamonds?

Certification of the diamond helps in make an informed choice, you know what will you get and so you can pick the right diamond comparing price and other details. So, with the certificate you can compare a diamond of a particular quality and carat weight with other diamonds of similar quality and weight and see which diamond is more valuable and which dealer is offering the best price.

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