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Why to Choose Sapphire Cabochons?

Royals and celebrities are known for their extravagant affair with gemstone jewelry. Princess diana’s sapphire engagement ring is now a legacy. And even her sapphire cabochon and diamond earrings are a heartthrob.


But that’s not all. Her love for vibrant sapphires has few notable examples. Remember her wedding present from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia? It was a resplendent set of jewels that includes sapphire cabochons and diamond baguettes and rounds studded in a pendant, a pair of earrings, a ring and a matching watch.

Her collection of enticing blue sapphire jewelry also includes three pairs of sapphire cabochon and diamond earrings in different designs, sapphire chokers and sapphire pendants to name a few that signifies the royal love the precious gem.


Another celebrity that is worth to mention when talking about blue sapphire craze is Elizabeth Taylor. Though the name is enough to highlight the luxury jewely, we want to mention her Bulgari sapphire sautoir.

English born actress Elizabeth Taylor posing in a  midnight blue velvet evening gown with sapphire and diamond jewllery, Beverly Hills 1988. (Photo by Terry O'Neill/Getty Images)

It was one of the many lavish gifts that Richard Burton had presented her. the entire set was studded with shimmering sapphires and diamonds of excellent quality. But the major attraction of the sautior was a vibrant sugarloaf cabochon blue sapphire.


Have you noticed a common thing about both the sapphire collections – they have sapphire cabochons. It means that cabochons aren’t new to the jewely world?


Of course not. Cabochons are a traditional and antique style of cutting the gemstones. In fact, they were a desired choice of people in olden days. It was just a short period of time when they were a little in demand but now sapphire cabochons are back with a bang.

The stones were there on the fashion runways of 2012 and it is predicted as one of the major jewelry trend for the year. Their fabulous looks, designs, shapes and sizes are the reason why sapphire cabochons flourishing these days. The smooth and glowing blue surface of cabochons make people crazy for them. Rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, you can enjoy the beauty of sapphire cabs in any style of jewelry.


Beaded cabs studded in multi-layered or graduated necklaces or traditionally set in precious metal for cocktail rings or dangling earrings are simply a stunner.

Not just women but men also enjoy these traditionally cut rocks. As a part of tie pins, broaches, collar buttons or cufflinks, sapphire cabs add a defined luster to men’s jewelry.

So if you ant something that has a royal lineage, is graceful and can be fused in any style from vintage to contemporary, then choose sapphire cabochons. You’ll surely dazzle.

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