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Age-Old Charm of Black Diamond for Designer Make Over

Timeless elegance and the figure of perfection displayed by diamonds have tantalized everyone. From Shakespearean era to modern day singer Rihanna the soft beauty of world’s hardest natural material has been flaunted on red-carpet. The gorgeous little precious beads have enthralling spread among the young as well as elderly women. This snippet focuses on passage of the mighty elusive dark stone.

Apart from red and pink precious stones classy black gems in traditional yellow or contemporary white or pink gold setting jewelry are wonderful option for a daring lady. The elegance of gemstones evokes unfathomable fascination in any assortment. Like colored stones, fancy diamond has created a niche of fans. Designers are mesmerized by it too. Henri Daussi crafted rose gold twisted band paved with mysterious diamond is an edgy yet cool accessory.

Beads are small packets of joy. They are no less blissful than a faceted stone. Here I would share a worth mentioning creation stamped in my mind – tiered tassel earrings by Sutra. This beautiful jewelry in 18k black gold has managed immense passion in the dazzle of rose-cut precious white stones, faceted black diamond beads, and pearls. The piece has trendy style that equals charm of cushion cut black stone set in white gold halo earrings. For minimalist pattern try a beaded bracelet with a charm hanging from the row of black globules; the arrangement is historic. It is stackable as well as can be worn single.

An engagement ring is the most valuable possession for a girl and how about surprising your beloved with black diamond Engagement Ring! She will love it too. The sensuality in dark tone creates distinct style.

Black Diamond Ring

Black Diamond Ring

A precious gem beading imparts historic beauty to jewelry. The dark bits which were considered as bits fallen from the shooting star are now beloved diamonds adding sparkle to heirloom jewelry. The heart melting beauty of gems matched with awesome craftsmanship fashion chic accessory.

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