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Get Inspiration from Celebrity Ruby Jewelry

Colorful statement jewelry, including the red-hot rubies, rules the glamour world. Antique, vintage, traditional or contemporary, these super splendid jewels are major heart throbs for fashion lovers. You can’t imagine any award event or a festival without the glitter of tantalizing gemstone jewelry especially ruby cabochon jewelry.

Ruby cabochons are quite a popular choice for fine and fashion jewelry. Celebrities have often been spotted with their cabochons and the enticing unfaceted rocks never fail to deliver the bewitching glamour.

The unfaceted polished gem can be seen in numerous variations. They could have a flat base with domed top or can be double domed. Cabochons are very popular among designers these days. They are one of the major jewelry trends in the past few years and have received a lot of attention across the globe.

Being a fashionista you should include ruby cabochons to your latest jewelry collection. They are the real stunner and can easily intensify the glamor, instantly. If you like to keep it minimal, don a pair of cabochon drop earrings to punctuate your style. For a major bling charm, you can combine them with the beaded cabochon necklace, bracelet and a cocktail ring.

Here is some celebrity inspiration to enjoy your ruby cabochons at their best:




Kelly Osbourne adorned her eggplant hued J Mendal contour with a pair of antique diamond and ruby cabochon drop earrings and a ruby cabochon ring.



‘The Avangers’ star Scarlett Johanson’s ruby Oscar style had received a lot of critical fame. The diva had teamed her faceted ruby studs with a vibrant dragon motif ring that has fiery cabochon rubies along with lots of diamonds and emeralds.



Anna Trov’s bold and hefty ruby dangling earrings that she had worn at Emmy 2011 deserves a special mentioning. The show-stopping ‘old Hollywood style’ statement earrings were adorned with carved rubies, ruby ball beads and large ruby cabochons that were altogether had an approx weight of 80 carats.






Glee star Lee Michele with her dramatic cocktail ruby cabochon ring could also be a great source of inspiration.


You can be simple yet sensual like Judy Greer with a pair of earrings like the one she had worn at 18th Annual SAG Awards. Her earrings were all red with cushion ruby studs holding blushing ruby cabochon teardrops.


Finally, Our favorite fashion icon Jane Fonda with her Cannes 2012 jewelry becomes an ideal to follow for ravishing fashion. Her 60 carat rubellite cabochon drops and diamond earrings with the 50 carat rubilite ring were a one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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