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Lustrous and Fashionably Green

Red carpet events, gorgeous dresses, famous personalities are special events where everyone dresses to kill. Figure flaunting dresses require the emerald finish to set everyone green with envy. Emeralds come in lush green colors, like the rich pastures or the gardens filled with nature’s creations.

Fashion enhanced
Emerald stones, highlighted with sleeveless dresses, draw the eyes of the people in the neighborhood, anytime, anywhere and on any occasion. A matching clutch and silver heels capture the attention of those in the vicinity, to the Emeralds flashing from the pendants and the string stung around the delicate neck.

Emerald on display
The sense of style steals the spotlight as it surrounds the Emerald clasp and the Emerald stone set in the pendant, ring and bracelet set of women. The Emerald topaz set in sterling silver that adorns the finger gives a classy look to the person, especially when it is worn with green attire. The round Emerald designed in the flower necklace pendant is a beauty by itself which shows the simple cut of the dress and adds beauty just by its presence around the neck along with a matching drop pendant. The eardrop dangles delicately to the movement of the face and is admired for its simple beauty.

Green in nature
Emerald stones, with their enriching color, enhance nature at its best and gives joy to the one adorning it. It is the symbol of spring. It enriches every season and heralds harmony within oneself and the surrounding. Fashion is reflected through simple designs as well as extravagant flaunt of luxury. The green emerald is a stone that shines through all seasons and times, through the highs and the lows, through its bracelets, pendants, solitaire rings, medallion pendants, birthstones and necklaces. Emerald lives evergreen and ever-fashionable.

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