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Spring 2016 Green Flash Splash with Precious Emerald Jewelry

Tempting greenery everywhere instills a fresh energy in spring. The tint of Emerald matches up with the vibrancy of nature. Season’s palette for spring 2016 has again revived the charm of green. Spring 2016 gemstone is Emerald. The royal stone jewelry is in much demand, probably because this year again iconic color forecaster Pantone has included ‘green’ in its color palette.

Escape from the mundane get the sparkle from the ‘Green Flash’. Colored gems jewelry has been popular among kings and queens which are trending till now. Radiant beads and pronged stones create an ecstasy in surprising ways. You can’t go off beam with gemstone beads. Free flowing beaded jewelry is an easy fashion liked by women to catch up with a casual outing. Rosary necklace teamed for bohemian allure has a very delightful combination with crazy dresses like t-shirts and skirts. Faceted or plain blobs are incorporated into fine jewelry for added charisma.

If you are planning to propose your girl this season, say it with Emerald set halo ring. Slip it in her dainty hand and let her twinkling eyes speak of her consent. The agreement of pretty white diamonds and the lustrous emerald is perfect add-on for dramatic moments.

Years past the royals used to stud their swords and crowns with gemstone cabochons, mainly rubies, sapphires and emeralds. You will get the same queenly feeling in traditional chandeliers and danglers. Make a statement with beautiful shiny multi-stranded beaded necklace. A gem set in conventional 18k yellow gold or modern white gold crafts great fanaticism in jewelry.

The nature’s bright hue interests with candidness of Pantone gemstone. This gem represents hope, new life and desires. Exciting, welcoming looks in sap color gem contrast with softer, individuality of surroundings. Splash the Green Flash for majestic bliss with awe-inspiring color stone jewelry.

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