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The mighty Colombian Emerald

Bold, smooth, lustrous dome shaped luscious green gemstone surprise everyone with its dazzler look. This coveted gem is emerald from the capital of South Carolina. Brilliant green color emerald cabochon with diamond accent is not only desirable by every women but same passion is seen in men. Emerald is a lively gem.

Colombian Emerald

Colombian Emerald

The emeralds from the mines of Columbia are highly esteemed for their purity. Located in central South Carolina the city is the largest producer with three major mines in the Muzo, La Pita and Cosquez.  Emerald cabochons look incredible in the company of diamonds nestled in contrasting gold or silver color metal chiefly in rings. Its dignified beauty is pleasurable that you will enjoy.

It is ironic to learn that emerald prices were greatly dropped over the span of a decade between 1990 and 2000 due to fall in production. Aging machinery, lack of foreign investment together with “mafia-war” is proving taboo to the production of these wonderful emeralds. The Colombian government is trying to control the situation.

Columbia Emerald Pendant

Columbia Emerald Pendant

A multi stranded bead necklace made from Colombian Emerald beads is awe-inspiring enrichment to the occasion. Color, purity, and brilliance estimate the market value of an emerald. After once seeing bad times Colombian gradually gained and today fetches approximately $1,800 per carat. Recently, world’s largest emerald miner, Gemfield showed interest in investing in Columbia.

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