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Getting nostalgic about Vintage Jewelry

Desire to look different from the crowd is somewhere hidden into core of my heart. Walking down the memory lane I landed into Victorian period which a renaissance period for jewelry. The antique jewelry of this particular period prominently uses my favorite classic rose cut diamonds. The astounding appeal of period jewelry is due to the intricate lacy patterns, baroque pearls and concoction of rare hard to find gemstones. The time-honored pieces from the Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian era make me breathless. The quality workmanship of fine estate jewelry inspired me to fathom magical depth of vintage fashion.
I recommend revival necklace and brooch featuring a bold cushion cut moonstone for the party perfect look. The gorgeous gold loop-in-loop ribbon design includes poised Kashmir sapphire beads on the edge. It is very thrilling to get embraced with this unusual velvety green color Kashmir sapphire. Older pieces of jewelry uncover the mystic aura of demantoid garnets which are unusual green variation of garnet, found only in estate jewelry.
The Old Mine Cut style of diamonds used in estate jewelry surfaced in the early 1800s’ and early 1900′s saw Old European Cut. Art Deco jewelry is set with later.
I got so much fascinated by the heirloom charm that I spent hours only to search for vintage jewelry and came across some interesting pieces. An Egyptian revival ring from Cartier worth eye-popping $30,000 is carved ruby framed with other vibrant colored stone in ancient kingly motif. What better than to receive this gift for 40th anniversary!

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