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How to clean bead jewelry

The love for jewelry in women is her natural trait. Jewelry holds sentimental value for them. Be it ruby cabochon or ruby carvings proper cleaning sets the sparkle of your trinkets for the long time. Gems are soft and fragile so extra care on your part will save you big blow. You don’t exactly need the market solutions to clean bead jewelry; even the simple techniques like dusting the soil with the help of old toothbrush or soft muslin cloth and homemade cleaners can take off your worries.

What about my carved ruby? Gemstone carving is alluring and at the same time gives run to clean them. I simply use detergent bath technique to retain the shine. Mix a quarter teaspoon mild detergent with luke warm water. Soak your jewelry in this concoction brush the pieces with an eyebrow brush to take off dust particles from every grove. Take out after 5-6 hours, rinse them well and wipe to dry. Pearls are not cleaned the same way as warm water would harm the nacre.

Cleaning Bead Jewelry

Cleaning Bead Jewelry

Bathe gemstone jewelry in less saturated ammonia and water for short time, and then clean with soft toothbrush. Water bathe is not always rewarding. Like don’t dip Ivory in water; wipe it clean with a small towel dipped into soapy water.

Commercial jewelry cleansers available in market are a quick fix. Read the instructions carefully and take the advice of jeweler before using it. I would not recommend using ultrasonic cleaners.

You can find more tips for cleaning faceted and carved ruby beads online.

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