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Various Gemstone Bead Shapes

Beads are a versatile material that can be used to create an array of flamboyant accessories. Gemstone beads have been used for making jewelry, as amulets, to decorate objects and have many other uses. They come in differing shapes, sizes, and greatly affect the overall look of every piece they are added to.

Beads are not round always. Gemstone beads are cut to many shapes like oval, rose cut, cabochons, chips, capsule, rectangular and many more. You could also find beads shaped like hearts, flowers, leaves, buttons, pillows and cube. In fact, there are infinite ways gemstones beads can be cut and shaped. As a beader or buyer, you should get familiarized with the standards shapes available.


It must be spherical in shape and always have its hole drilled right through the center. Semi-precious gemstone beads in a classic round shape give a natural glamour to any designer jewelry.



This shape is like a donut; flat top and bottom, centrally drilled. It is like a slice taken from the center of a round bead.



These are irregular beads with single or double drill.



These have large bottom and a hole drilled through the top of the bead They are trip drilled and known as faceted teardrop.



These gemstone beads are small, irregular pieces. They are often thinner, flatter or smaller than a nugget bead.



It is an elongated round bead which could also be referred as melon, egg, balloon or rice.



Such beads have small, polished cuts on surface. It is a very popular type of gemstone beads for jewelry because the facets create a lovely shine effect.



Beads are often carved to enhance their beauty and value. Carved beads lend an elite and elegant touch to the personality. Skilled artisans do a mesmerizing work with gemstone beads. They carve animal figures, natural scenes, portraits and anything you desire on stones.


The world of gemstone beads surely has infinite shapes for each of us. It’s only which we choose and how we use them in our jewelry.

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