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Create a Bib Necklace Yourself with Ruby

Looking to buy something exclusive that perfects festive look for you..that creates the magic with your Indo-western outfit. You will surely find your love in beaded bib necklace. I just don’t want regular necklace available in shop next to me but I want to tailor it for the most inimitable experience. Here is my idea from my bag of jewelry craft how I used ruby faceted beads, wire, chain, headpins and clasp to make beaded bib necklace. Follow these simple steps to make one for yourself too!

Step 1: Cut the chain 18 to 22 inches long. Mark the exact centre point of the chain. Here the longest strand is hung.

Step 2: Prepare about 9 head pins and 16 link pins. Pass a ruby faceted bead through each link pin.

Step 3: Now that you are ready with beads to be linked start from the middle point of the chain.

Step 4: Link four eye pin beads and one head pin for the longest centre piece. This has to be the longest from the adjacent eight strands. Each strand is one shorter than the individual next to it.

Step 5: Finish off by adding lobster clasps to the ends.

Ruby Bib Necklace

Ruby Bib Necklace

I absolutely loved it. I am excited to flaunt to it before my friends and hope you too would like it. Enjoy the attention you get. When people appreciate the creativity mirrored by this ruby beads necklace you will definitely feel on cloud 9. One should always check out for natural ruby drops, ruby cabochon and ruby briolette beads from the authentic source points.

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