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Enjoy Spring with Gemstone Beads Jewelry

It’s that point of the year when we can smell the spring and what better way to indulge our senses than choosing bold and vibrant beaded necklaces and bracelets. This year color and combinations are the focus of the game.



It will only be your imagination that will pop the bead style in wide fashion spectrum. You can keep it sober by adding one or two beads to your jewelry or bring a splash of rainbow by mixing and matching multiple beads and colors. The choices are numerous and a little confusing. Here are some trendy and handy tips to help you in selecting the beaded jewelry to match your style.

Get a design

There is no limit to stop when designing your jewelry. If you want a necklace, you can have a single bead string or a heavy sautoir necklace. As tribal prints and patterns are on fire, an Aztec or Incan design would certainly be an exotic choice. You can even fuse various styles for multi-layering look.


Choose a gemstone

Beads could come in various materials like glass, wood or plastic but nothing could be compared with precious and semi precious gemstones. Gemstone jewelry is elite and sophisticated as well as chunky and fun. You can choose emerald, ruby, sapphire or any stone of your choice and budget.

Sapphire Beads Necklaces


Shape and size

Round and hollow is the image that strikes us when we hear the word ‘bead’. But beads greatly deviate in shapes and sizes. Round, cabochons, oval, rectangular, square, flat, faceted, tumbler, faceted tumbler, crescent shape, drops, chips and nuggets are the most popular bead shapes.

Similarly, the size also varies in dimensions. There could be tiny beads and could be large asymmetrical drilled gemstone chunks. Gemstone beads could be as tiny as 2mm to 25mm large in diameter. Beads resembling animals, birds, flowers, leaves or heavenly bodies are also loved by the masses.

As you have the strings of your choice, its up to you how you wear them. You can wear a tassel necklace with matching earrings and a bracelet or layer multiple necklaces of varying length. Lots of bracelets, cuffs and bangles is also a good idea.

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