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Layered Diamond Bead Necklace

Recently Coco Chanel was photographed by Man Ray wearing the Maltese Cross cuffs made for her by Duke Fulco di Verdura. Also accessorising the diva were layered strings of beads.

You can make your very own layered diamond bead necklace. Here’s how:
You will need: Craft thread, a needle, a pair of sharp scissors, a necklace clasp of any kind. Two sizes of round diamond beads, small metal placer beads and some differently shaped diamond beads like tubes or cubes.

To start cut three strands of the thread. One should be 21 inches, second 17 inches and third 13 inches. Start with the shortest thread the 13 inch, thread the needles and string the beads. Start with the smallest on top and largest at bottom, to give a great layered outlook. Stop 2 inches short of the end of thread, it will give you length to tie off the thread.

Thread the end of 13 inch strand via the second half of your necklace clasp and tie it on. This will prevent the beads from falling off smallest strand while you do the other two.

Repeat the process with the 17 inch and 21 inch threads stopping 2 inches short of the end and tie them to the necklace clasp. Once you have finished the strands, add a drop of glue to the knots of first half and second half of the clasp to add strength to the knots. After you have completed, you should have three swags of beads roughly 18, 14 and 10 inches respectively.

Since these necklaces are so simple and easy to make, they are a big craft experience for children of 8 and above. Teens may also make and exchange these necklaces and children will discover that they are great Mother’s day gifts. Children would most probably prefer to work with layer beads because they are easy to work with. A nice 05/0 or 06/0 bead is normally best for kids 8-12 and some grownups also may prefer larger beads. Tri-strand necklaces bead necklaces may be made with any kind of beads and in any kind of colors and a pendant may be added to the lowest strand, making it the most versatile of all bead necklaces.

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