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Trendy Ruby Beads Necklaces

Throughout most of the recorded history, ruby has been one of the world`s most valued precious stones. It is considered as a stone of love, romance, passion, energy and zest for life. They stone has a very high value amongst both fashion lovers and collectors. Ask any fashionista and she will tell you ‘ I love rubies’. Beaded, studded, faceted, carved or cut – they instantly add spark and spice to any attire.

Ruby jewelry specially beads and cabochons have always been used in jewelry since times immemorial. They have been used in many forms like rings, earrings, necklaces, amulets and pendants.

Ruby necklaces, for all the good reasons, are sensational. They come in different styles, designs and patterns, thus catering the needs of every fashion lover. Here are few of the most popular ruby necklaces you can enjoy this spring for a sizzling hot style. As a range of matching earrings could easily be found, you don’t have to scarifies the optimum level of fashion for anything.


Always in trend, twisted ruby necklaces of high quality often have beads of equal size and color. It is quite a difficult task to find numerous (often the beads number up to few hundred) rubies beads of similar value. But these necklaces are amazing to wear. Depending on the length, they can be used as choker, collar or princess.

Their density due to twisting increase a lot. The turns can be superficial like this ( or they can be complex like this ( It depends on how you want them to be.


We are talking about ruby beads, so it is impossible not to mention about the most iconic style of wearing them – multi-strand necklace. Two, three, five, seven, and even ten strands of ruby beads are layered together for a highly fashionable and gorgeous appeal. (


Another much anticipated form of necklace! Graduated ruby necklaces are loved by aristocrats and celebrities. They are great to be worn with everything from an LBD to a flowing gown and even a jumpsuit. They are smaller at the ends and as they reach to the middle, the bead size becomes bigger.

As the spring sun heats up, we will bring more of the styles to cheer. Meanwhile, enjoy your ruby beaded necklaces and indulge yourself in the brilliance of red.

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