The mighty Colombian Emerald

Bold, smooth, lustrous dome shaped luscious green gemstone surprise everyone with its dazzler look. This coveted gem is emerald from the capital of South Carolina. Brilliant green color emerald cabochon with diamond accent is not only desirable by every women but same passion is seen in men. Emerald is a lively gem.

Colombian Emerald

Colombian Emerald

The emeralds from the mines of Columbia are highly esteemed for their purity. Located in central South Carolina the city is the largest producer with three major mines in the Muzo, La Pita and Cosquez.  Emerald cabochons look incredible in the company of diamonds nestled in contrasting gold or silver color metal chiefly in rings. Its dignified beauty is pleasurable that you will enjoy.

It is ironic to learn that emerald prices were greatly dropped over the span of a decade between 1990 and 2000 due to fall in production. Aging machinery, lack of foreign investment together with “mafia-war” is proving taboo to the production of these wonderful emeralds. The Colombian government is trying to control the situation.

Columbia Emerald Pendant

Columbia Emerald Pendant

A multi stranded bead necklace made from Colombian Emerald beads is awe-inspiring enrichment to the occasion. Color, purity, and brilliance estimate the market value of an emerald. After once seeing bad times Colombian gradually gained and today fetches approximately $1,800 per carat. Recently, world’s largest emerald miner, Gemfield showed interest in investing in Columbia.

Find these lovely faceted 3mm emerald beads or large emerald beads in tumbled finish online as well as offline.

You can buy genuine emerald beads of Columbian origin from a reputed seller only.

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Stackable bracelets with Ruby

From the time when the men are born the desire to look good motivated them to decorate themselves with different kind of accessories. Jewelry is the prominent of all. Necklace, earrings, head gear, ring, bracelet, bangle, cuff and many other countless options are there. The stackable bracelets are latest in trend which typically gives us an idea of grouping bead bracelets. Bracelet stacking is here to stay for years to come. If glossy globular gemstone beads are your taste try flexible beaded bracelet this season. Both men and women can adorn these. I have found variety of ruby gemstone beads bracelets online; each differing in style but with same charisma.

Tennis bracelets set with natural ruby beads are sporty while smooth red ruby beads stackable stretch bead bracelet with charm are liked for it fits any wrist size. A black cat’s eye and quartz rondelle, a small ribbed spacer bead with starfish charm added beauty to plain beads. For the new trendy fashion this design is great as stackable with four or more bracelets.

Boho beaded bracelet is an ideal jewelry gift for the July born lady.

The price of gemstone beads depends on size and their origin. Best rubies seed from Burma and these are scrupulously crafted into petite beads. Genuine Burmese ruby beads used in jewelry gives extra value to it. They can be bought in strands. It is entirely up to your choice whether you buy high carat weight many strands or few loose drilled ruby beads.

Show off your distinct personality just by layering bracelets.

Create a Bib Necklace Yourself with Ruby

Looking to buy something exclusive that perfects festive look for you..that creates the magic with your Indo-western outfit. You will surely find your love in beaded bib necklace. I just don’t want regular necklace available in shop next to me but I want to tailor it for the most inimitable experience. Here is my idea from my bag of jewelry craft how I used ruby faceted beads, wire, chain, headpins and clasp to make beaded bib necklace. Follow these simple steps to make one for yourself too!

Step 1: Cut the chain 18 to 22 inches long. Mark the exact centre point of the chain. Here the longest strand is hung.

Step 2: Prepare about 9 head pins and 16 link pins. Pass a ruby faceted bead through each link pin.

Step 3: Now that you are ready with beads to be linked start from the middle point of the chain.

Step 4: Link four eye pin beads and one head pin for the longest centre piece. This has to be the longest from the adjacent eight strands. Each strand is one shorter than the individual next to it.

Step 5: Finish off by adding lobster clasps to the ends.

Ruby Bib Necklace

Ruby Bib Necklace

I absolutely loved it. I am excited to flaunt to it before my friends and hope you too would like it. Enjoy the attention you get. When people appreciate the creativity mirrored by this ruby beads necklace you will definitely feel on cloud 9. One should always check out for natural ruby drops, ruby cabochon and ruby briolette beads from the authentic source points.

Brilliant ruby beads, worth an investment

Oh so lovely. Prettier chunks contrary to statement are investment into style, sophistication and of course are worth of money. Little eye-catching ruby briolette beads make stunning ring, bracelet or necklace for you or your special someone. This gemstone embellishes jewelry piece render elegance. These green, red, pink etc. color beads are offered in amazing fancy cuts like leaf shaped ruby carvings and tear drops. Ruby strands are versatile gamut of beads that allow you, the jewelry connoisseur to play along and integrate your imagination into designer jewelry.


Both tumbled and faceted finished, differently sized beads were the most coveted gem in the crown of royals. They transcend aesthetic appeal to the jewelry. Natural ruby beads are real treasure! These days industry is threatened with synthetic ruby from China and thus making identification of genuine ruby beads very challenging.

How to identify authenticity of ruby

We see lot of ‘ruby beads’ featured online, how do we know if the sale is authentic or just another fake one. The following checkpoints save you from falling prey to fraudulent activities.

• Clarity is the most important factor in determining price of Ruby. Poorest being B and highest is AAA.

• Ruby beads are less expensive than any stone cut mounted in jewelry. They are hand cut to purge wastage; hence not all are perfectly round. If they are uniformly cut they may be Garnet, Rose Quartz or Jade.

• Beware of fake names like “Adelaide ruby”, “Cape ruby”, Arizona ruby”, “Colorado ruby”, “American ruby”, “Mont Blanc ruby”, “Bales Ruby”, “Bohemian ruby”, “Montana ruby”, “Brazilian ruby” and “Mountain ruby”. They are mostly garnet.

How to buy ruby beads online

I have been introducing you with trending jewelry, cleaning tips and other useful information in my past blogs. In this blog I share my love for vintage jewelry and approach to buy ruby beads online.

Jewelry is first love of women of any age. The exotic gemstone beads add to the temptation. Do your heart pounds for beads? They are as adorable as grandma’s cameos. The classic ruby bead strands gives unlimited choices to create from it. Buying beads from internet is little tricky; this brief note will guide you on how shopping on internet is cost effective and how to be safe.

1. Ruby gemstone purchased from high street jeweler is priced almost double their original price while ruby beads sale on internet is half the price in brick and mortar store. Many ruby beads wholesalers are online now. Here you buy directly from the source of production.

2. You can make significant profit in special online sale.

3. What about trust? Can I trust them? Trust is big thing. Check the integrity of the website. There are two easy methods to do so.

a) Client Testimonials across own site or third party sites.

b) You can check the ownership the domain and contact details online through and can cross check with the info you already have.

4. The longer the website is in service and has goodwill more credible it is.

5. Cash on Delivery is always the more secure payment option than net banking or credit or debit card.

Spark of Diamond Beads

Diamonds are best to accompany you anytime. It’s my special day or my friend’s, I can divulge in diamond any day. Diamonds are intense, radiant and hold mystical powers. The beads trimmed from the natural diamond lessen the size but amplify the glamour anyways. Ravishing rough diamond beads gives a unique stylish look to necklace, ring, earrings, bracelets etc. Finished beads either faceted or smooth have the extra sparkle. Color stone and diamond are great compliment to each other. Colorful gems mixed together add vibrancy to plain white diamonds. The triumphant blend of duo has won million hearts. Let’s see the charm of sharp curves in these nuggets.
Scores of fancy beads are elegantly used in precious jewelry from centuries. Rough chips in different finishes, shapes and sizes were carved out to fit the theme. Victorian jewelry adapts white diamond beads in the beautiful intricate design so well that it makes anyone fall for it. The love stone is available in fancy colors also. Pave bead studded with colors like yellow, black or brown diamond beads possesses unanticipated attraction. Clean multiple lines of sparkling diamond beads alone can instantly end up your search for the right accessory that matches well with any dress. To add extra bling try adding a colored diamond pave ball or balls as separators in between faceted roundel strings. The fact is beads awake your visionary state and give you ample opportunities to experiment.


There are huge inventory of gemstone beads available online. From here you can buy genuine diamond beads at wholesale prices.

Royal Gem Emerald

We all appreciate the beauty of May birthstone, emerald. It raises mercury even more when you enter party hall dressed gracefully in lace dress with delicate emerald beads necklace. I dedicate my post to this ever popular, King of gemstones—-Emerald. These handsome faceted beads are biconical, disc shaped, barrel, abacus, teardrop, cube and briolette apart from the classic round shape; other popular beads being the “heart” or “leaf” shape. All the beads are three dimensional so a beader must be aware of using the right size and look of beads. A few millimeter sizes make lot of difference to overall appearance of the design. Using 4mm emerald beads in place of 6 mm emerald beads may ruin the entire look.

Emerald Beads Necklace Faceted Tumbled

Emerald Beads Necklace Faceted Tumbled

Emerald and Peridot Beads Necklace Smooth

Emerald and Peridot Beads Necklace Smooth

21 Lines Emerald Faceted Beads

21 Lines Emerald Faceted Beads

9 Lines Emerald Tumbled Beads Necklace

9 Lines Emerald Tumbled Beads Necklace

7 Lines Emerald Carved Beads Necklace

7 Lines Emerald Carved Beads Necklace

Gorgeous beaded bib necklace is vintage pattern liked for its unparalleled allure.

The majestic green stone is seen along with brilliant white diamonds in most famous necklaces. Art deco emerald and diamond necklace which is believed to come from the collection of a former Sultan of Turkey is spectacular. The necklace contains 17 rectangular emeralds totaling 277 carats. The central hanging piece of three emeralds graduating into different sizes grabs all the attention.

Another magnificent diamond and emerald necklace from the house of Chopard is world’s fifth most expensive necklace, worth $3 million.

This year’s trending look suggests teaming up multi stranded necklace with Bohemian long dress. Strands of large 8 mm emerald beads descending to 5mm emerald beads are available. Emerald beads wholesale is the thing to look out for!

Inspired carnival charm jewelry

Closer to the onset of holiday season the atmosphere has become energetic. The designers, corporate houses and merchandisers from all fraternity are on heels with their latest collection. Let us peep into what is in store for our stylish jewelry enthusiasts. For the ones who don’t want to overdo and only want to have tidy yet gorgeous look charm jewelry is just perfect. Concept jewelry is in vogue. Latest launch pave charms inspired with the fervor of festive season will definitely attract pretty women.

Little gemstone winged angel pendant charm is sweet gift to young girls. A lot of diamond beads studded sassy holiday charms and bead collection are launched. Cupid, heart, arrow for young hearts; fancy Pandora pave bead charms; Hindu, Christian and other holy symbols for spiritual people; gothic symbols for witty young playful guys makes easy to carry jewelry. The Pave Lights sets the mystic aura around the jewelry, colorful pave beads giving whimsical bling to it.


Winter themed Snowflake, Mitten, Reindeer, Santa Claus, Bell, Pinecone are all time favorite Christmas charms. Lot of experiment is done with finishes. Combination of enameling with fragile beads is surprising style.

Are you craving to own these? Well, your wait is over. Buy strands of fancy diamond beads, charms paved with diamonds or enameled ones, linked chains and jewelry making supplies. Get your chain bracelet or necklace done with several beads and carnival or season theme charms.

Now, churn your head, open mind’s eye to play with them. Owe to craft your statement!

Be a queen in sapphire necklace

It’s the time to smell the scent of rains and make the fresh beginning. You all might want to get into celebrity frame this festival season and flaunt. Pull up your socks and get on foot, shop the dresses and jewelry that empowers the dazzle of the bash. Gemstone jewelry adds sparkling color to the event. Sapphire is one of the desirable gemstones next to diamond. It is celebs favorite too! Not only the sapphire cabochons but the sharp fancy cuts swank its vividness. This reminds of the famous ‘Heart of the Ocean’ sapphire necklace, worn by Kate Winslet in blockbuster movie Titanic, which are cubic zirconias set in white gold. Following the success of the movie London based jewelers Asprey & Garrard fashioned the original design that Celine Dion worn at Academy awards in 1998. The necklace featured large, heart shaped 171 carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds set in platinum. It estimated about $20 million.
Heart of the Ocean’ - Sapphire Necklace

Heart of the Ocean’ – Sapphire Necklace

Though sapphire naturally occurs in pink, yellow, green, orange and purple yet the most celebrated color is blue. Most liked and conventional combination is now challenged with other option like blue sapphire beads with polished moonstone. Faceted, tumbled, smooth or pave sapphire beads in any type of jewelry are bewitching. Vintage inspired collar sapphire beads necklace is ageless beauty.

Convertible necklace is in trend. My personal recommendation is buying colorful Tutti Frutti Necklace. A mix of sapphire briolettes, cabochons and diamonds and emerald beads in it is amazing. Team it with tassel earrings to zest up the festival celebrations.

Fancy Diamonds are the newest Investments- A colorful look!

Why these Diamonds?

The most volatile piece hard stone that are regarded as the best seller in the markets is these Fancy Diamond gemstones. The most powerful stones which can convince all the people with its charm and adds more intense in every cut and part of these gemstone. These fancy Diamonds mostly come in medium size with several cuts which determines the value of the Diamonds. Considered as the most valuable yet highly powerful stone in the exchange market with large gain that preserves high value of capital.

Why colors are Important in Diamonds:

The Color of these fancy diamonds is one of the most notable parts whether to be considered as investment grade or as a part of the natural presence from the mines. With the colors the Diamonds look more exotic and exceptionally beautiful which can produce a wonder highly emerging part in the gemstone category. The fancy Diamond can be seen in most of the color including pink, blue, orange, green red and several mixed shades and combination of colors. Each Diamond specimen has more specific and an entirely unique factor that makes this gemstone more active during this process.

Revolution of these colors in Fancy Diamonds

The diamonds with its present global market marks the best methods to preserve the assets of wealth from its nation. The color of these stones plays a major role. Since these rare gemstones are very less in stack, the colorful Fancy Diamond beads/stones revolutionize the trend of market and business of stones.


• Fancy diamonds are extremely durable
• will not be affected by humidity, temperature or shocks
• Radiant beauty and a treasured piece of jewelry

These are some of the reasons why the Fancy colorful Diamond is high in Demand and a constant value in the market.

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