Stunning and colorful single line citrine tumbled necklace bead

This bead of 11mm which comes in one line citrine tumbled necklace brings more grace towards the women’s craze for fashion Jewelry. This is the trendiest and highly recommended product for ladies to be adorned for all the events and grand functions. This special necklace pattern with multi color gives a staggering and effective look to the person who wears it. The design and pattern of the beads and the necklace is the newest with high amount of demand among the people. The design of this bead is a simple oval shaped bead with shinning pattern and sees through transparency which makes more interesting.
8 to 11 mm - 1 line - citrine faceted tumbled beads necklace

8 to 11 mm – 1 line – citrine faceted tumbled beads necklace

Buy this wonderful piece of gemstone for making a fashion sensation

The brightest and the most valuable stone that is used for all the events and functions is this Ruby stone. The highly respected gemstone with a fabulous and remarkable handcrafted work stands out in all the design and crafting in the field of gemstones. The Ruby stone is the ultimate procession of the wedding and other ceremonies can brighten up the event. With a single pendant or a necklace in Ruby the bride will be fulfilled with the speck of ornaments. The ruby stones come in several amount of designs and styles. Check out our latest collection for all the events from our website for the latest update of the Ruby products.


14 Lines - Medium Red Faceted Ruby Beads

14 Lines – Medium Red Faceted Ruby Beads

The fiery gemstone for all the beautiful and attractive women

Rubies are considered as the traditional beads that can be used as a special gemstone for all the occasion. The Ruby beads are considered as the best stones that a person can adore with. Choose this special kind of gemstone to brighten all your grand functions and events. The special two line Medium red color faceted beads have lot of special attracting elements in this Ruby bead. The pure cut and precise diamond work makes this Ruby an everlasting and brilliant glow and shine. Grab the best collections of these Ruby stones for the reasonable prices from our website now. Several varieties of beads and other Ruby products are available with us.


2 lines - medium red faceted ruby beads

2 lines – medium red faceted ruby beads

Your gemstone Solution- Sapphire stone are the amazing in its category

If you need a gemstone then the Sapphire Stones are the best choice. The beauty of this sapphire stone and the perfect laser cut work makes these sapphire beads more interesting to look. The beauty of this sapphire drops with the delicate hand works are the highlight of this sapphire stones. This fascinating sapphire drops are the best choice for any wedding or other grand parties and functions, since this stone carries the grandeur and class within itself. The fine work on the sapphire bead can be noticed due to the special care on this gemstone to give a priceless glow.

Sapphire stones with colors – Make your life colorful with this amazing stone

A positive vibe can be felt due to the color of the stones also the Colors of Sapphire stones are has several shades including from blue sapphires, violetish blue, pink, lighter shades of pink, yellow, orange, green, colorless and black. The sapphire beads are naturally formed and give a glowing and bright look which suits the needs of people. The reason behind the beauty of this gemstone bead is that the hand work along with the cut stone work gives a more enhanced and beautiful overall look. The shine of the sapphire drops gives a pleasing look to the person who wears it.

Clarity and purity of Diamond speaks more than words

The white Diamonds are extremely durable and beautiful looking gemstones which belong to the semi precious family and this white Diamond faceted stones which can be used widely in rings, earrings, beads. The toughness and hard nature of the white Diamond makes it ideal to be used in various ways. The white diamond beads come in smooth, cut, striated, carved, etched, tumbled etc. The white Diamond is the most precious and irresistible jewelry beads which serve as a high end fashioned jewelry stone. The strands of the White Diamond comes in typical round, flattened etc to have more glowing looks.


Set Shape White Diamond Necklace in 14kt White Gold 23.2 Grams

Set Shape White Diamond Necklace in 14kt White Gold 23.2 Grams


The glowing Yellow Diamonds – A perfect choice for gift

The presence of the Yellow Diamonds is an advantage for all the events. The beauty of the yellow diamond beads can out stand all the other Jewelry stone and gives you a fresh glowing look. The gold and silver jewelry when embedded gives the Diamond a splendid magical look with the semi precious beads included in it. The yellow diamond stones are preferably used to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants which can increase the natural and long lasting look. The design of the bead jewelry of Yellow Diamonds is unique and creates a beautiful pattern to give a stunning glowing look.

Yellow Diamond Faceted Beads Wire Wrap Necklace

Yellow Diamond Faceted Beads Wire Wrap Necklace

Feel the essence of beauty – Stunning black diamond

There are four things to be noted while selecting a black Diamond Caret, Clarity, Color, Cut. Caret is the size in which it is measured, here 1 carat id equal to 200 milligrams. The cut in the Diamonds makes it purely visible for the users. The clarity of the black diamond gives the natural and unique feature to be witnessed. The Diamonds are available in almost all colors and the black color in the Diamond stands out. Black Diamonds graded with colors gets highlighted and the shine of the stones are great to look and ultimate beauty comes in the well-cut finishes.

Black Diamond Faceted Beads Wire Wrap Necklace

Black Diamond Faceted Beads Wire Wrap Necklace

The Royal beauty – Ruby Briolette engages everyone eyes with its unique glow

The Ruby Briolette stones are specially designed with delicate cut and minute hand work crafted for perfection. The Ruby Briolette is the symbol for elegance and simplicity which gets the attention of every one easily. Briolette was invented 800 years ago in India and the specialty of this stone is that it can be viewed at all angles. This Ruby Briolette stone allows the reflected light to pass through which increases the refraction level of the stone. This Ruby Briolette is most beautiful to watch on. The beauty of this stone can flatter anyone and its vibrant color makes it look Royal.

Mesmerizing beauty of the Blue sapphire stones and its features

Blue sapphire is regarded as the stone of protection and the inflow of positive energy. The ancient belief of this stone is it protects from the evil powers of Saturn. This Blue sapphire stone has the power and which is considered for wealth, luck, prosperity, financial gains etc. This beautifully hand crafted gemstone drop of Blue sapphire is a wonder to look at and attracts everyone with its beauty and charm. This Blue Sapphire gemstone beads are also regarded as the stone which transfers positive energy to your body. Each blue sapphire stone can be identified with its unique cut work.
3.00 To 5.00 Mm 14 Lines Sapphire Faceted Beads

3.00 To 5.00 Mm 14 Lines Sapphire Faceted Beads


2.00 to 5.00 mm   5 lines   sapphire faceted beads

2.00 to 5.00 mm 5 lines sapphire faceted beads

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