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Brilliant ruby beads, worth an investment

Oh so lovely. Prettier chunks contrary to statement are investment into style, sophistication and of course are worth of money. Little eye-catching ruby briolette beads make stunning ring, bracelet or necklace for you or your special someone. This gemstone embellishes jewelry piece render elegance. These green, red, pink etc. color beads are offered in amazing fancy cuts like leaf shaped ruby carvings and tear drops. Ruby strands are versatile gamut of beads that allow you, the jewelry connoisseur to play along and integrate your imagination into designer jewelry.


Both tumbled and faceted finished, differently sized beads were the most coveted gem in the crown of royals. They transcend aesthetic appeal to the jewelry. Natural ruby beads are real treasure! These days industry is threatened with synthetic ruby from China and thus making identification of genuine ruby beads very challenging.

How to identify authenticity of ruby

We see lot of ‘ruby beads’ featured online, how do we know if the sale is authentic or just another fake one. The following checkpoints save you from falling prey to fraudulent activities.

• Clarity is the most important factor in determining price of Ruby. Poorest being B and highest is AAA.

• Ruby beads are less expensive than any stone cut mounted in jewelry. They are hand cut to purge wastage; hence not all are perfectly round. If they are uniformly cut they may be Garnet, Rose Quartz or Jade.

• Beware of fake names like “Adelaide ruby”, “Cape ruby”, Arizona ruby”, “Colorado ruby”, “American ruby”, “Mont Blanc ruby”, “Bales Ruby”, “Bohemian ruby”, “Montana ruby”, “Brazilian ruby” and “Mountain ruby”. They are mostly garnet.

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