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Faceted ruby beads spell with warmth vitality and playfulness

Leadership, passion, fire, vitality, warmth and love in brilliant red colored rubies are precious. Faceted ruby beads come in many classic and modern shapes which can be pooled with gold or platinum embraced gemstones or diamonds for an amazing design. Wonderful luster and fine cut and finish ruby gemstone beads are available in the following shapes:

Round – Clean line of lovely rich pinkish-red colored round faceted ruby beads forms a classy necklace or ideally accentuates the grace of delicate wrist with beaded bracelet. This classic perfect globular shape is most popular.

Tear drop – Faceted ruby drops that are elongated tear drop shape make exceptional drops and dangles. The tip bears a hole running vertically through the bead.

Pear – Faceted pears have symmetrical facets, moderate depth, broad semi-circular base and narrow pointed tip. Soft medium raspberry red polished pear beads of mixed sizes display unique character. Hole runs horizontally through the bead.

Rondelle – Ruby rondelle are faceted squeezed round beads, flattened top and bottom with the hole running vertically through the bead. The size may be as small as 2mm. Rondelle may be used as separators or extension in necklace. Precision cut blood red micro Faceted ruby rondelle accent beads give distinct glitter that adds charm to any design.

Fan Shape – Brilliant faceted ruby fan shape beads is exclusive. This symmetrical shape is crafted by superior cuts giving the bead two dimensions.

I suggest using the above amazing shapes of great quality found in online stores to add playfulness in handcrafted jewelry. Ruby’s unsurpassed magic is passed in these faceted ruby beads.

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