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Kingly elegance of Ruby beads for that evergreen luxe love

Gemstone as we know gives an elegant touch to an individual’s personality. They are used as matter of pride for ages from the kings to the engagement rings. Gemstone beads are the ones to have a separate section in the jewelry world. Like ruby beads if added to jewelry gives it an all new look and makes the ornament more attractive to the outer world. Ruby is regarded to be among the 4 most precious stone in the world which also include sapphire, diamond and emerald. The stunning dark blood-red stones offer an elegant touch to the jewelry. The color of the stones generally varies from reddish pink to dark red. These are generally of different types keeping aside the shapes and sizes aspect. The stones are sorted according to transparency and color and accordingly some are cut and polished into a proper shape and size for sale in the market as ruby beads. There are many reputed sellers who sells authentic wholesale ruby beads at best price.

The sources of rubies are as follows:

  • Burma Ruby: Ruby mined in Burma is highly coveted for the rubies mined in this location have a specific color characteristic. They have a fine rich pigeon blood red color; dark red with a tint of blue added to it. Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Greenland are also famous for their ruby mines. Ruby beads of Burmese origin are usually not found.

burma ruby

  • Indian Rubies: India is regarded to be the biggest supplier of ruby cabochons and star rubies. The districts of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are famous for mining rubies.

indian rubies

The determination of the ruby depends on the following criterion:

  • Colour: The color of the ruby is generally of dark red and they can be of various color variations as long as they are red based.
  • Clarity: The rubies that are free from all inclusions are the most expensive ones. The clarity does matters.
  • Carat: The price also depends on the carat; the more the carat, the more expensive it gets.
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