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Stackable bracelets with Ruby

From the time when the men are born the desire to look good motivated them to decorate themselves with different kind of accessories. Jewelry is the prominent of all. Necklace, earrings, head gear, ring, bracelet, bangle, cuff and many other countless options are there. The stackable bracelets are latest in trend which typically gives us an idea of grouping bead bracelets. Bracelet stacking is here to stay for years to come. If glossy globular gemstone beads are your taste try flexible beaded bracelet this season. Both men and women can adorn these. I have found variety of ruby gemstone beads bracelets online; each differing in style but with same charisma.

Tennis bracelets set with natural ruby beads are sporty while smooth red ruby beads stackable stretch bead bracelet with charm are liked for it fits any wrist size. A black cat’s eye and quartz rondelle, a small ribbed spacer bead with starfish charm added beauty to plain beads. For the new trendy fashion this design is great as stackable with four or more bracelets.

Boho beaded bracelet is an ideal jewelry gift for the July born lady.

The price of gemstone beads depends on size and their origin. Best rubies seed from Burma and these are scrupulously crafted into petite beads. Genuine Burmese ruby beads used in jewelry gives extra value to it. They can be bought in strands. It is entirely up to your choice whether you buy high carat weight many strands or few loose drilled ruby beads.

Show off your distinct personality just by layering bracelets.

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