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Be a queen in sapphire necklace

It’s the time to smell the scent of rains and make the fresh beginning. You all might want to get into celebrity frame this festival season and flaunt. Pull up your socks and get on foot, shop the dresses and jewelry that empowers the dazzle of the bash. Gemstone jewelry adds sparkling color to the event. Sapphire is one of the desirable gemstones next to diamond. It is celebs favorite too! Not only the sapphire cabochons but the sharp fancy cuts swank its vividness. This reminds of the famous ‘Heart of the Ocean’ sapphire necklace, worn by Kate Winslet in blockbuster movie Titanic, which are cubic zirconias set in white gold. Following the success of the movie London based jewelers Asprey & Garrard fashioned the original design that Celine Dion worn at Academy awards in 1998. The necklace featured large, heart shaped 171 carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds set in platinum. It estimated about $20 million.
Heart of the Ocean’ - Sapphire Necklace

Heart of the Ocean’ – Sapphire Necklace

Though sapphire naturally occurs in pink, yellow, green, orange and purple yet the most celebrated color is blue. Most liked and conventional combination is now challenged with other option like blue sapphire beads with polished moonstone. Faceted, tumbled, smooth or pave sapphire beads in any type of jewelry are bewitching. Vintage inspired collar sapphire beads necklace is ageless beauty.

Convertible necklace is in trend. My personal recommendation is buying colorful Tutti Frutti Necklace. A mix of sapphire briolettes, cabochons and diamonds and emerald beads in it is amazing. Team it with tassel earrings to zest up the festival celebrations.

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