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Beaded Sapphire Jewelry: A Fashion Pro

Trendy dresses, footwear, bags, catchy hairdos, refine make-up and the icing of the fashion cake – jewelry, we have infinite options to remain in style. And when we talk about jewelry for fashion, we can’t ignore the vibrant and vivid sapphire beads.

The mesmerizing and dazzling sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones that has the beauty and looks to capture your mind and soul. It is one of the oldest gemstones known to mankind. Its elaborated history is full of myths and lore.

This enchanting gemstone of Saturn is a symbol of truth, wisdom and stability. This member of corundum family, along with its sibling ruby, is the second hardest gem on the planet. With its unique crystalline structure and variant shades, sapphire stands as the most desired colored gemstone for jewelry. Although, blue is the most popular and abundant of colors, the gem also has the hues of pink, yellow, orange, violet, green, white and purple to suffice your fashion.


This favorite of royals for centuries has also been loved by celebrities across the globe. The oval blue sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana and the Kashmir sapphire suite of Elizabeth Taylor are two of the famous examples of sapphire love.


Emblem of power, loyalty and heaven’s beauty, this birthstone of September is also said to have mystical and healing properties. That’s not all, it’s the elegance and glamour of sapphire jewelry that call for an action. Lovely faceted sapphire beads set in multi-strand necklace or sapphire teardrops carved and caged in fine metal are just a few examples of spellbinding fashion jewelry.


If you also wish to redefine your looks, try some chic and enticing sapphire bead jewelry. There are multiple options available to dress like a pro. Jewelry made of beads in various shapes like rose-cut, crescent, oval, faceted round, tumbled, etc., sapphire cabochons, carved stones and drops is available to choose from. Be it a formal meet, a prom night, a romantic date or a family gathering, the beaded necklace, bracelet or earrings of yours will definitely bring the compliments for you.


Whether you want an engagement ring, a wedding band, any red carpet add-ons, a celebrity inspired ornament, a latest fashion jewelry, etc. you can count on a piece of sapphire jewelry.

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