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Blue Sapphire Beads – The Royal Choice

Kate Middleton got engaged with a beautiful blue sapphire ring. Did you know that you could incorporate this beautiful stone into your life with blue sapphire beads, cut stones or even cabochons? We take a look at these royal blue gems.

Blue sapphire beads are available in almost all colors of blue. From a rich dary inky blue these stones also occur in pale ice blue, appealing to almost every choice a person may have. Belonging to the gem family of corundum, blue sapphire beads are not in any danger of breaking or chipping as corundum is an extremely hard substance. In fact it is second only to diamond in hardness. So rest assured that apart from being beautiful your blue sapphire beads are guaranteed to be tough as well. Beauty and strength, what a combination! Ranging from two to five mm in diameter blue sapphire beads can be worn as a single strand or as several twined together.

Blue sapphire beads can be bought in different shapes. The most common and definitely the most popular shape are of course round. Another variation of the round bead is roundel, which is slightly flattened at the ends where the holes are situated. Roundels may be smooth or faceted. However faceted beads reflect more light and hence faceted roundel beads are more popular. Other shapes are asymmetrical shapes called as tumbled beads.

Star sapphires in cabochon shapes are much sought after. In these stones, a four or six rayed star appears on the surface of the stone if it is kept under a single strong source of light.

Interesting facts
Ceylon sapphires and Kashmir sapphires are the most famous and the most coveted of all the blue sapphires.

Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September and the Zodiac birthstone for the star sign Taurus.

It is said to imbibe values of truth, sincerity, commitment, and loyalty in the wearer.

However, some Indian astrologers advise against wearing this stone as it is believed to bring either extreme prosperity or extreme misfortune and so the astrologers advise against taking the risk.

In the west though this stone is extremely popular, and after Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with this stone, it has become moreso.

If you adored Catherine’s ring, chances are you adored her dress and shoes too! With a wonderful blue-sapphire ring, you can complete your own Princess outfit.

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