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Juicy Watermelon Tourmaline

Unusual and rare things are my focal point since childhood. My explorative nature took me to travel around the vibrant world of tourmaline gemstone. This precious “stone of mixed colors” flaunt unique spectrum of colors. From colorless to pastel to the darker hues like black it is found in many attractive hues. While on exploration I found pretty dramatic watermelon tourmaline. The name might have given you the excitement of finding a jewel which shows three colors in a single stone. The cross section slice of it shows juicy pink core margined by green outside with white sleeve in between. It is a heartfelt beauty! Now you don’t have to wait for summers to enjoy the juicy watermelon! The beauty of this gem wonder can be tasted with eyes in any season.

Bezel set polished multicolored tourmaline cabochons and sterling silver link bracelet is young and hip fashion for teenage girls. The traditional birthstone for October is also gift for 8th anniversary. A freeform Brazilian tourmaline slice set in 14k white gold is what makes your lady fall in love with you again. Special handcrafted pink tourmaline beads can add style to a simple 1.6mm snake chain.

Many color tourmaline beads arranged in broad atypical pattern is all time favorite vintage fashion. The glossy tourmaline attracts attention for their significant healing quality. Wear specific color tourmaline for the infirmity you want to treat. Carefully selected tourmaline bead is pleasurable in any form of jewelry.

Divulge in the gem affair with rainbow colors of tourmaline.

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