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Welcome The Spring With Emerald Cabochon Jewelry

Emerald-CabochonSpring is round the corner and it’s been great to welcome the season of freshness and renewal with something that symbolizes it in every sense – Emerald Cabochons. Emerald, the tempting dark green hue of nature, is the color of 2013. It’s everywhere these days – from fabrics for clothing to footwear, handbags, eye-shadows, nail paints, and of course in jewelry.

The gemstone emerald has already been a popular fashion choice for years but this time it’s a big hit without a doubt. Emerald is one of the four precious gemstones and is considered to be a powerful symbol of new life and rebirth.

The loving gem of Queen Cleopatra, emerald has also been a most desired choice of tinsel town beauties. We can’t overlook Angelina Jolie’s emerald affair. The Academy Award winner has quite often display her emerald jewelry and also has launched her own green hues jewelry line ‘Style of Jolie’.

Like Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and many A-list divas have flaunted emerald jewelry. The enticing cabochon drop earrings of Elizabeth Taylor and the mesmerizing cabochon ring of Naomi Watts are just a few examples of celebrity love for the style.

Emerald cabochons often have flat base with a doomed top or could have domes on both the sides. The former could be bezel secure to make rings while the latter can be full or half drilled or encased in metal to make drop pendants or earrings.

Emerald cabochons are therefore a most desired jewelry choice. It has all the elements of being a spring trend – it’s renewed, exhibits variations, is in line with the on-going style and can be used to create jewelry in infinite ways.


If you are also looking for a fresh start that has some vintage essence, you should choose emerald cabochon jewelry. You can design your own emerald necklace or bracelet. All you have to do is to get the finest quality loose emerald cabochons of desired size and shape and string them in your preferred style. Twisted, graduated, multi-layered, stacked and more! As the style has a timeless appeal, you can enjoy your jewelry for years to come.

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